Use a Paint Gloss Meter to check the glossiness of the surface

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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To ensure that the customers receive quality products, it is essential to check the glossiness of the surfaces mainly in paint, plating, and automotive surfaces. For doing so, paint gloss meter has come to light and it checks the level of finishing of the products. Furthermore, it is used to gain insight into the age of any product. 

Paint gloss meter
The paint gloss meter assesses the glossiness of the surfaces and makes sure that surfaces do not have high gloss levels. It also determines the amount of light reflected off the surface and then corrects the glossiness of the surfaces to ensure that the right-quality products get delivered to the customers.

Significance of Paint Gloss Meter in different industries

In industries such as paint, plating, and automotive industries, it is very necessary to check the gloss levels of the products to ensure that the products reflect the right amount of light only. For example, in automotive industries, gloss levels are checked to make sure that the paint and finish on the vehicles are as per standards. 

Paint Gloss Meter helps in identifying the issues with paint or finish for the vehicles. A high-gloss finish car is a quality car and this lab equipment ensures that the gloss of a car’s paint is not too much and all the defects can be rectified before launching the car in the market.

Paint gloss meter for vehicles
Testronix is a leading lab equipment manufacturer and sells high-quality paint gloss meters. The gloss meter price of Testronix is very affordable and within the reach of customers. Testronix manufactures quality paint gloss meters to ensure that the right products are delivered to the customers. By knowing the different factors that impact the gloss, manufacturers will produce the paint with the right level of shine. It saves the final product from any kind of damage. 

Why checking the glossiness of the surfaces are essential in automotive industries?

Automotive industries make sure that the right product is delivered to the customers in terms of safety, fuel efficiency, and emissions. But sometimes, checking the glossiness of the surfaces is neglected by the vehicle manufacturers. Glossiness is amount of the light reflected from the surfaces and if there is the right amount of gloss on the surfaces, it means the paint job has been done the right way and it will help in meeting the expectations of the customers. 

Paint gloss meter for automotive industries
Customers can buy gloss meters from Testronix at reasonable prices with the best post-sales services. The equipment of the Testronix is calibrated for one year and adheres to NABL standards as well. Trained technical experts guide the customers about the products and make sure that they give all the best possible insight into the products so that customer is fully confident before buying the products. Testronix offers amazing services when it comes to after-sales guidance. No third-party service is given to the customers, only service engineers from Testronix will guide the customers and that will be local service engineers too so that there is no language barrier between customers and service engineers.

Coming to the importance of the right gloss in the automotive industry, the right amount of gloss on the vehicles will make look the vehicles sleek. A high-gloss finish product will be able to resist dirt, stains, and any damage to the products as well. 

How do high gloss levels impact the automotive parts?

It has been conveyed in the blog till now that a paint gloss meter is used to check the glossiness of the surfaces. It is used in multiple industries such as paint, plastic, and automotive industries. However, the importance of checking the glossiness of the surfaces in the automotive industry is higher than in other industries. Automotive manufacturers try their hard to manufacture high-gloss finish products. High-quality finish products will be durable and look good in terms of appearance as well. 

Paint gloss meter for industries
It is essential to identify the glossiness of the surfaces since a high level of glossiness will reflect a high amount of light and a low level of glossiness on the vehicles will make the vehicles dull and rough. It will be very difficult to clean and maintain such vehicles. Such vehicles will not meet the expectations of the customers and customers will not be satisfied by the products that will tend to lose the customers. In simple terms, customers will divert to other companies and there would be a negative impact on the revenue of the previous company. Thus, it is necessary to sell high-quality finished products to the customers to acquire more customers.

Gloss reading interpretation in the right manner is very necessary in automotive industries. Testronix sells ASTM D523 and ASTM D5427 standards for gloss meters that accurately check the glossiness of the surfaces and ensure good quality products are delivered to the customers.

Enhancing the image of a Brand

When a company conducts gloss tests properly with a paint gloss meter then quality products are delivered to the customers which in return helps the company to gain more customers and enhance their brand image as well. Moreover, Brand awareness also increased as more customers gained insights into the products. 


Testronix offers high-end features Paint gloss meters and manufacturers can conduct hassle-free gloss tests on the products to ensure that quality products are received by the customers. With the help of this lab equipment, manufacturers can ensure a perfect finish in their paint job. It is essential to check the glossiness of the automotive parts before installing them in vehicles. A car with a high-gloss finish can make the car look extravagant and stylish but it makes it difficult to see in low-light. 

Hence, gloss testing is important to ensure the quality of the products. You can buy gloss meters from Testronix at decent prices. If you are looking forward to taking a free demo session about the products of Testronix, you can contact us at +91 9313140140 or drop an e-mail at Our technical experts will assist you in the best possible ways. 

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