Significance of Gloss Meter in Different Industries

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Gloss reflection is an important parameter that one must keep in mind while designing your products. It is very important to measure the gloss of material accurately. For this, you can make the use of Testronix Gloss meter. This is highly accurate testing equipment that will help you to measure the gloss reflection of a surface. Whether you are working in the paint industry, metal, or plastic industry, you can easily measure the gloss reflection of your products with the help of this laboratory testing instrument.

The digital model of this amazing testing instrument has been provided with several advanced features that will help you to conduct the test from different geographical angles to fulfill the testing needs of a vast number of customers. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the features, specifications, and significance of this amazing testing instrument.

Gloss meter: A highly advanced testing instrument for measuring gloss

As we have discussed above a gloss meter is defined as the best testing instrument that will help you ensure the gloss level of the surface. This widely used testing instrument will measure the gloss units of painted, shiny, or coated surfaces. The angle of measuring the gloss will be 20 degrees, 60 degrees, and 85 degrees. This highly sensitive and compact testing instrument will accurately measure the brightness, whiteness, and glossiness of the products. It has been made in accordance with authorized testing standards like ASTM D2457, ASTM D523, ISO2813, and GB/T 9754. These standards are accepted worldwide for gloss measurement techniques and have various advanced applications.

The reflectance level of the colored material will be detected with the help of this testing instrument. You can easily compare your product glossiness with the standard value and categorize the material based on the readings. Thus, a gloss meter has various benefits for the testing surface gloss of various products. You can easily manage, edit and save tested data with the help of this testing instrument. Here we have listed the features and technical specifications of this testing instrument.

Features of gloss meter

There are many features you will get with this highly advanced testing machine. With its auto-calibration facility, one can easily assure highly precise test readings. It has a touchscreen operation feature and each test will be saved automatically so that no test reading will get missed. Here we have created a list of amazing features you will get with Testronix gloss meter digital.

  • The gloss measurement of the product will be done on the basis of different testing standards like JJG696
  • Highly accurate testing equipment.
  • Display multiple sets of data, easy to compare.
  • High hardware configuration with multiple innovation technologies
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, economic and environmental protection
  • Auto power-off function to save electricity consumption
  • The aesthetic design perfectly combined with ergonomics structure

These are some of the advantages you will get with the purchase of a gloss meter. Now, let us discuss its technical specifications.

Technical specifications

  • It measures a 5x36mm area of the sample from an 85-degree angle, 9x15mm area at a 60-degree angle, and 10x10mm area from a 20-degree angle.
  • The instrument offers a division value of 0.1 GU.
  • It provides a measuring range of 0~1000GU from 20 degrees, 0~1000GU from 60 degrees, 0~160GU from 85 degrees.
  • The instrument offers different measurement units i.e.
  • Range: – 100-1000GU, 10-100GU, and 0-10GU.
  • Reproducibility : – ± 0.5%GU, ± 0.5GU, ± 0.2GU
  • Repeatability : – ± 0.2%GU, ± 0.2GU, ± 0.1GU

Significance of Testronix gloss meter in various industries

The Testronix gloss meter is one of the versatile testing instruments that plays a major role in testing the glossiness of surface coatings. Here we have listed some key areas where there is a vast use of this testing instrument.

  • In the food packaging industry, determining the correct food packaging gloss levels is very important. By measuring the gloss levels of the packaging material, you will be able to avoid the cost of recoating, poorly curated links, etc.
  • This lab testing instrument is majorly used in the paint and coating industry to detect the reflectance level of color from a particular material. This testing instrument will detect the reflected light and shows it in numerical form. You can also read the brief information about the use of gloss meters in the paint industry.
  • In the automobile industry, the gloss meter is used to increase customer loyalty by effectively measuring the gloss used in the aesthetics of various automobile parts. You can get brief information about the use of gloss meters in the automobile industry.

These are the top 3 uses you will get with the use of gloss meters in different industries. You can easily purchase this testing instrument from Testronix at the best available prices. For more information about this product, give us a call at +91 9313140140 or email us at We will assist you with your queries related to this product.

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