Preform Plastic Color Measurement

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Color Measurement Solutions for Plastic Preforms

Preforms are the raw material for any plastic or PET products. They are basically made from injection molding and then the preform is stretch blown of blow molded to give it the shape of the final plastic. The Preforms are solely responsible for the quality of the final products. If there are defects in the Preform quality, then there is no possibility of a perfect quality of a final product. It is important for the manufacturers of the plastic products that they use Preforms with zero defects for manufacturing. The color is also an important aspect of the preform quality. The color quality of preform decides the final color of the products. Testronix offers highly advanced and easy to use color measuring instruments to measure the color consistency and quality of Preforms.


Preforms use for stretch blowing or blow molding of plastic products come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The can vary from transparent to translucent or perfectly opaque hence different preforms need different color measuring instrument for color measurement.

Opaque Preforms- The opaque preforms are not penetrated by light hence it is best to sue reflectance type color measuring instruments for them.

Translucent Preforms- There are various degrees of translucency of preforms hence the instrument used for color measurement o these preform depends on the degree of translucency of the preform. Both reflectance type and transmittance type of color measuring instruments could be used for color measurement of the translucent preforms.

Transparent Preforms- In perfectly transparent preforms, the light is penetrated with very little or no interference hence it would be best to use transmittance type color measurement instrument for testing the color quality of transparent preforms.