Top 5 Tips to Maintain Testronix Heat Sealer

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The use of flexible packaging films in food and other industries is vast. These flexible packaging films will work on the principle that when heat and pressure are applied to the packaging films, then they will form a bond between the two materials. This will make them inseparable from each other. Thus, you can easily test the heat sealing strength of labels with the use of a Testronix heat seal tester. This testing instrument comes with various advanced features with temperature controllers for both jaws of the machine, to make the seal testing even more precise. If you want to use this testing instrument for a longer time, then we suggest you go with the tips mentioned in this blog to maintain this amazing testing instrument.

How Testronix heat seal tester helps to test the sealing strength of packaging materials?

Testronix heat seal tester is one of the most effective testing instruments that will help you to test the sealing ability of laminates, flexible films, and other basic films. This testing instruments consists of independent temperature control systems for both jaws. The aluminum encapsulated heating tubes will ensure an even temperature to be used along with ceiling jaws.

The heat control unit of this testing machine will employ auto-tuning and adaptive digital PID temperature control technology. You will get high assurance and accuracy in testing the specimen. The pressure controls provided in this testing machine will offer stability in the testing process. The single-chip microcomputer will provide you with a highly accurate dwell time. This testing instrument has been made in accordance with industry standards like ASTM F2029. Here we have mentioned the technical specifications of this testing instrument.

Technical specifications:

The laboratory heat sealer will help you in measuring the heat seal performance of flexible packaging films by maintaining high temperatures. It can easily be used in various industries like the food industry, packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Here we have listed the technical specifications of this testing instrument:

  • Equipment Range: Ambient to 350ºC
  • Sealing Temperature Working range: Ambient to 230ºC
  • Accuracy: ± 1ºC
  • Dual Temperature controllers
  • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1ºC
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Sealing size:
  • 150x 15 mm
  • 300 x 15 mm
  • Temperature Controller: 4 digit PID
  • Dwell Heat Seal time: 0.1 – 99.9 sec
  • Heat Sensor with Platinum Resistance

Essential tips to maintain heat seal tester from Testronix

If you have purchased a heat seal tester from Testronix, then you will get an advanced set of features. To make this testing instrument used for a longer time, then we suggest you follow these essential tips mentioned below:

  • Whenever you are not using this testing instrument by Testronix, then you must ensure that the power should be switched off and the cable plug will be removed from the supply. You must also do this before any servicing is undertaken in the machine.
  • Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not try to exceed the maximum heating capacity of the machine.
  • When you make use of this testing machine to test the heat sealing capacity of flexible packaging films, then you should clean the machine before and after the testing procedure. This will help you to maintain this testing machine for a longer time.
  • You must ensure to switch off the power supply when the machine is not attended.
  • Another most vital thing to remember is that you should not allow this testing machine to get wet either from sealing liquids or with inclement weather. This is because the wetness will destroy its parts and you will not be able to conduct the test accurately.

These are five maintenance tips for heat seal tester that you must follow. With the help of these tips, you can easily avoid any costly repairs for this testing instrument. For more assistance, you can call us at +91-9210 903 903 or email us at We will provide you with all related information about this product.

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