The Best Method to Test Quality of Bottles

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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In recent times PET bottles have acquired a majority proportion of industries and have numerous applications in our day to day lives. They have various functions in the packaging industry and are used as container for various materials /products such as food items, aerated drinks, pharmaceutical products and medicines. The reason for this preference of PET bottles over glass bottles is as follows:

  1. More strength
  2. Better usability
  3. Easy handling of the products
  4. Affordability
  5. Non-reactive to the chemicals and do not release any harmful chemicals

These PET bottles hence play a very crucial role. The quality of these bottles must also be maintained as they are transported and stacked together in manufacturing units and warehouses. When the PET bottles are stored or transported, they are stacked in pallets and hence they are subjected to top load and other compressive destructive forces. If the bottles are not durable, there is a possibility that the bottles start to deform, damage or even explode leading to the damage to the products. This is why the manufacturers of the PET bottles must ensure that the PET bottles they deliver to the clients have enough strength to survive the stacking and buckling loads that may be exerted on them during their use. It is utmost important to Perform a top load analysis determine the vertical stiffness of the bottle.

The following are the types of PET bottles

  1. Water bottles
  2. Carbonated Soft Drinks
  3. Aseptic bottles
  4. Beer bottles
  5. Hot fill bottles
  6. Bottles for packaging medicines

Due to transportation and warehousing, the PET bottle is subjected to the vertical pressure and is compressed by an axial load. The vertical pressure which is subjected leads to deformation of the bottle if the quality of the bottle is compromised.

The most suitable equipment to test the top load of bottles is the testronix top load tester which helps in calculating the vertical pressure of the PET bottle which is the maximum load at the load displacement curve that is obtained by the vertical compression test. Plastic bottles are extremely sensitive forces applied internally and externally.

Top Load Tester for PET Bottles is a high technology simple to use machine manufactured by testronix. It is a state of the art latest a gen model which consists of accurate digital controls and rigid body. The quality and make of the body is robust and durable and has resilience against harsh and long time working conditions.

The Top Load Tester offered by Testronix  is equipped with high-end digital control having high resolution display screen where the user can see the test value during the test process. The digital control has Automated Tare and Peak hold facility.

For more information regarding the packaging testing instruments manufactured by testronix visit the website or contact +91-9313 140 140.

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