Testing Color of Fruit Juices for Quality Assurance

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Fruit juices are the symbol of health and laziness too. Even its origination is directly proportional to people lazy nature. The fruits which are naturally grown in the ground need to be plucked, filtered and then further given for selling to retailers. After purchasing the fruits they need to be washed and either bite or cut to eat. After then chewing the fruit of course need a lot of efforts. Now to make things easier comes in the effort of machines.

Machine started solid fruit and converting them into juices. And pack them and sell them in the market in their raw form. But still people are too lazy I want a juice everywhere I go. The comes flexible packaging for fruit juices, which allow to store the juice for as many days as one wants and add some chemicals in it as preservatives. But now so many companies are there, form where should I buy?

Then comes the artificial coloring and sweeteners. Companies to lead the competition started making more colored juices to attract the customers. More orange color to notify the fruit orange, more yellow color for mango. And then after sometime everyone again came to same platform. Now what? Then came color detection system like spectrophotometer.

They started detecting the natural color from the fruit surface and helps manufacturer to get the exact color in their fruit juice. The tool is usually not common for liquid testing but by using the universal test component one can conduct the test. The component is a part of the color measurement accessory.

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