Test the Colour Quality of Products with Visual Assessment

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Colors that we see is our perception which changes with different conditions. We are using many smart tools to analyse the colors. But to interpret the results, special skills are required and not every industry has the skilled manpower or financial resources to invest in such machines. But we cannot rely on visual observations solely, as it varies person to person. The combination of instrumental analysis with human observation is the perfect combination to opt for.

There are ample of ways to use colors in a different variety of products. The surface of the product really impacts the appearance of the color. To achieve the consistency throughout the product line, it is important to keep a tab on the color quality with instrumental support. The major thing that creates disparity in the appearance is the lights of the surroundings. To curb this problem, color matching cabinets are used. These cabinets are confined space with different light sources

The color matching cabinet is one instrument in which test results are based on human observation. This instrument simulated different lighting conditions, in which the color appearance is observed. Such observations do not require any special skill for the analysis.

This instrument simulates different lighting conditions that could impact the appearance of the color severely. Usually, it has 5 lights and some models have six lights according to the testing standards followed in the respective geographical region or intended working conditions.

The main aim of using this cabinet is to eliminate the effect of Metamerism. It is a natural phenomenon in which a colour appears differently in different lighting conditions. This creates discrepancy at the client’s end and vendor’s end. This may lead to rejection of consignment which increases the overall cost of production and time to complete the production life cycle.

From where to get Colour Matching Cabinet?

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