Studying Gloss Behaviour of Surfaces

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The Gloss behaviour of any material are based upon the interaction between the physical properties of surface and the falling light. Also, the gloss is effected with the physiological evaluation of the observer. The first outlook of any product is strongly connected with the quality of its surface. It is necessary for many products to exhibit a homogenous and continuous gloss on its surface. This acts as a decorative criteria for many.

Manufacturers assure the glossiness of their product so that the customer can make quick purchasing decisions based upon the quality of the material.

When we talk about studying the gloss properties, Human eye without any doubt is far better from any optical instrument in gloss evaluation. However, when we talk about technical visual assessment, human eye perception can deliver issues like, 1) undefined assessment conditions. 2) Visual decision is dependent on the observer’s mood. 3) Distinct observer will have distinct optical activity.

Therefore, to assure a precise and reliable quality assurance, it is vital to study the gloss behaviour using Gloss Meter.

The equipment deliver 3 way visual assessment with 20, 60 and 85 degree angle gloss detection. Operated using wide touchscreen which is used to set and mange test data and record test reports for further use. Automated calibration feature is present as an inbuilt feature. The device is external data downloading feature too. The detection using gloss meter is accurate as it detects the reflection and gloss of the surface area precisely and coverts the same in numeric standard values.

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