Role Of Color Measurement In Tea Leaves Processing

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The color of tea leaves is a major factor that affects its quality. The processors of tea leaves need to ensure that the color of the tea leaves after processing is at the standard level so that its quality is not compromised. By measuring colors, the processors can get the vital information about the tea leaves such as their origin, health benefits, and flavor. The color checkers also help in determining the changes in polyphenol levels in the tea by measuring its color. This why, the tea leaves processors to need to utilize the color measuring technology to ensure the best quality of tea leaves delivered to the customers.

Role of Colour Checkers

The color checking instruments such as spectrophotometers can analyze the change in absorbance and transmittance of the tea leaves which in turn provides information about the various chemical components of the tea. In this way, the manufacturers can easily ensure that the processing of the tea leaves is done at the right level.

Key Features of Testronix Colorimeter’s

  1. The instruments are provided with two different changeable apertures that are 4mm and 8mm.
  2. Highly stable and accurate results are yielded by the instrument.
  3. The instrument is also equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery for convenient use.

Technical specifications of Testronix Colorimeter

  1. The instrument uses LED as the light source.
  2. The color difference formula used for color measurement by the instrument is given by ΔE( h) , ΔE* uv, ΔE* 94, ΔE*cmc ( 2: 1) , ΔE* ab , ΔE*cmc ( 1: 1) , ΔE* 00.
  3. The color spaces that the instrument can measure are CI E L AB, XYZ, LCh, CI E RGB, CI E LUV.
  4. Different illuminants are used for illumination of the instrument such as A? C? D50? F2? F6? F7? F8? F10? F11? F 12.
  5. The instrument a very high rate of repeatability of ΔE* ab 0. 03.

Benefit of Testronix Colorimeter for users

The colour checker is best for testing the color quality as well as the color absorbency and transmittance of the test specimen with great accuracy. In addition to that, the instrument is capable of analyzing the composition of the test specimen with the help of color measuring Instrument. The instrument offers a very easy operation with a high accuracy and high rate of repeatability. With the help of this instrument, the processors of tea leaves can easily ensure the best quality of products that they deliver to the consumers.

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