Evaluation of Coffee Bean Color using Spectrophotometer

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Coffee, world most consumable beverage. Coffee has been the most wanted drink in the world due to its strong color and taste. With increasing work and life pressure, coffee consumption has drastically increased. With such rise in sales, coffee manufacturers needs to conduct high rate of quality inspection on the coffee bean color.

The Coffee bean are harvested and then plucked by farmers, they are roasted as per requirement and then forwarded to the factory for further processing. During the process of harvesting it is often seen that the coffee bean losses its color quality. A top quality brings sales and which in turn increases the reputation of the company.

In such cases one has to take initiatives and conduct color quality assessment. For this one need a good quality portable spectrophotometer. The equipment helps the operator to see if the coffee bean color has the exact required color or not. The surface color of a coffee bean can impact the overall color and taste of the beverage.

The testing device is designed by Testronix which is a South Korean company. Presto is an authorized dealer of Testronix. The device is fully automated and comes along with a cover and color accessories which is optional to buy.  The device has a touchscreen display and shows the test results on screen with complete detail. One can set the required standard as per company test requirements and mention a pass or fail criteria. Ergonomic design deliver user friendly experience.

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