Quantify the Color Quality of Capsule Cover

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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There are around thousands of color combination which are used to manufacture capsule covers in pharma industry. These color are given as per the chemical combination of a drug and is used for categorization too. It is very important that each colored capsule cover production batch retain the exact same color and do not match with another capsule. To assure such thing, user needs a high profile colorimeter such as precision color device.

Among so many capsules, some have transparent cover, some have translucent and other have opaque nature capsule covers.  And it is to be noticed that every type of capsule will require distinct mode of color measurement. For opaque sample which don’t let the light to pass through them, a 45°/0° viewing angle measuring device is required. For Translucent which allow partial amount of light to pass through them will need a reflectance and transmittance type of color measuring device.

And for those which are transparent in nature, and allow complete light to pass through them transmittance type of color measuring device will be the best fit such as precision color deviceBy using such color precision testing device it will become very easy for the capsule manufacturers to assure that any of the batch is not getting mixed with the other and a single batch of capsule is of the same color throughout the production line.

The TP 100 color measurement device is operated using its touchscreen display with hi-tech software based features. Have a huge memory space to save numerous test data.

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