Evaluate Cosmetic Palette for Precise Color Inspection

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color is an important aspect when it is about selection of cosmetic products as per skin tone shades. Women roam in different shops to find the exact color or shade they want for their skin tone. They wonder into many thousands of shades so that they get that perfect color which can blend into their skin tone. Now with such rising demand of having identical color shades, cosmetic manufacturers are facing lots of competitions.

In order to ensure that the consumer wants what they get its time the cosmetic manufacturers must implement highly accurate color quality test. In this blog post, we will learn more about the role of Portable Color devices (TP 310) in inspecting color quality of cosmetic palette.

The color pallets are the most difficult section for cosmetic manufacturers for making it as per the skin tone of thousands of women. Therefore, use of TP 310 is suggested by big cosmetic brands. Highly precise color testing device can evaluate the color of powdered or semi-solid or paste like cosmetic using a special color accessory named universal test component. The component is a part of the color measurement accessory.

The device is kept on the apparatus which is aligned with a small container in which user can keep the sample for testing.

It uses 8/Diffusion viewing angle with a measuring aperture of 4 mm diameter. It is equipped with a photoelectric silicone diode light sensor for accurate color detection and many more advanced features. There are many distinct mode of testing profiles.

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