Identify Quality of Portable Water Using Spectrophotometer

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Water quality is difficult to identify. Quality is important in every aspect whether you are dealing with large bodies of water or the tiny bottles that you buy in the supermarket. When you go to the kitchen and fill your tumbler with water, most of us judge its quality by the clarity of the liquid. There are many unwanted microscopic particles or chemical components that are not visible to the human eye that can possess danger.

TP 800 Spectrophotometer gives a solution to identify the contaminants. It is necessary to process to test the quality of drinking water. Water quality value is crucial for various applications that include environmental protection problems, portable water and consumption. It is used in many industries where quality and purity of water is important factor. Various simple and convenient testing methods are created that uses color sample comparison and the purpose to monitor water quality. These measurement tools fail to give the qualitative information required for efficient and effective analysis. Several testing kits use chemical reactants to give a visual guide to analyse which contaminates the sample itself.

Portable Spectrophotometer provides a non-destructive alternative to measure contaminants that usually hides in our water supplies. It is easy to use, accurate and removes the risk of human error. Water quality and purity standards need objective data using spectrophotometric analysis to meet standards for water quality.

Various applications of water quality are:

  • Spectrophotometers identify oil and grease contamination in large water sources
  • Ability to identify traces of iron in drinking water supplies
  • Marine chemistry analysis using spectrophotometers to quantify levels of chlorophyll
  • Nitrates to identify the health of our oceans and waterways

Spectrophotometers measure color value and specific wavelengths of light to classify accurate properties of chemical components that are found in several water sources. Accurate absorption values measurements determine and quantify the levels of these compounds. It offers several valuable information about water quality. The data can be used to identify the safety of drinking water and know the toxic levels of additives. Measuring nutrient components of both sea water and fresh water with spectrophotometric analysis gives various researchers much information that correlates directly to water quality and identifies minute variations.

Benefits of using TP 800 Spectrophotometer are:

  • The modern device is both durable and portable
  • Offers flexibility in usage
  • Designed to measure various liquid substances
  • Provides valuable data to maintain safety and quality

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