Portable Spectrophotometers for Paints

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Big colourful buildings often fascinate me and makes me wonder how painter has managed to get that colour consistency. And what more amazing is the restoration work conducted on big structures, where patching is quite a common practice. If flakes from some portion are getting off, the painter would only repaint that part, instead of painting the whole structure.

This is an economic and time-saving practice. This applies to other applications like a painting of bridges, structures at public places, monuments restoration, etc. In this process, there are many challenges faced by painter and paint job companies. And commonest of all is an exact matching of colour.

Delivering the precise consistency is the toughest part of the whole job. There are many factors that may contribute in disturbing the colour consistency. Which is why it is always advise to equip the painting team with high end colour matching instruments. The smartest way to ensure the right consistency of the colour is to leverage the power of spectrophotometer. The process of colour quantification eliminates all chances of ifs and buts. As visual inspection can not be relied upon due to difference in colour perception. Portable spectrophotometer allows the colour comparison of master and the sample.

In domestic applications, it really does not matter if there is minute difference in the colour matching, but when it comes to commercial application there is zero scope of error. In Government owned infrastructure or public properties, there are ample of companies bidding to grab the paint job contract. All of them promise best quality. To keep the revenue flow consistent and constant, it becomes sort of mandatory to get the colour matching instruments for delivering best quality. The devices that can deliver results fast and accurate are very much in demand by painting companies.

Testronix’s portable spectrophotometer significantly much in demand over other colour measurement options. Difference in shades that occurs due to age of the structure, patching work, colour mixing can be easily done by using this instrument without any conflict with human perception. It is very evident

that difference in colour due to lights of surroundings, human perception, time of observation, etc. can cost huge. Apart from monetary loss, there involves the wastage of time and labour.

Advantages of Using Testronix’s instrument

  • Quantified data or numeric can be rendered.
  • Allows effective and objective communication of colour or paint requirements
  • Inbuilt memory allows recording the data recording of previous samples.
  • Allows to attain high level of accuracy

If you are still unsure about the advantages of using a colour measuring device for your project, contact our experts, we can clear the haze of your doubts.

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