Phenomenon of Metamerism and Solution to Eradicate Metamerism

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The problem of metamerism arises when two objects with similar color appearance appear to be different in different sources of light and similar in one light source. For instance, pants with the black color which appear to be a similar shade of black in showrooms lights appear dark blue and grayish black under sunlight. This phenomenon occurs mainly due to the difference in the sample pigments and color formulation.

Because of the issue of metamerism, attaining consistent and accurate color of products can be a challenging task for the manufacturers, especially for those whose products are assembled using various parts that are supplied by various manufacturers where each of them has their own way of adding formulation.  Any mismatch in the colors will not only generate unnecessary rectification cost but also affects the acceptance and buying behavior of the customers as well. To prevent these issues, it is important to measure the color of the objects to measure the metamerism.

Instruments such as color viewing booth that are equipped with a variety of illuminants to identify metamerism. Color viewing booth offers high-quality of lights that help to identify the products in different shades of light and to exactly determine that how the colors of the objects are different from others. Objects are considered usually metameric when their spectral curves intersect with each other minimum three times.

Testronix instruments offer high-quality of Color Viewing Booth. The instrument is majorly used in textile industries, paint & plating industries. The instrument offers precise and reliable test results.

Technical Specifications of Color Viewing Booth

Testronix’s Color Viewing Booth comprises of five different lights for best analysis of the products

  • D65 Artificial Daylight– D65 Daylight is used when there is a requirement of inspecting the quality of the material daylight. The testing device is very helpful in matching the test samples as it appears in the daylight. The light offers color temperature 6500, Kelvin.
  • Tungsten Filament Light –  This source of illumination is used where testing needs to be done Yellow light.
  • Cool White Fluorescent-The light is used where testing needs to be done in green light with an approximate color temperature 1400 Kelvin.
  • UV black light- This source of illumination is used where emission of the long wavelength of UV black light helps to test the whiteness of the sample.
  • TL-84 (Point of Sale) – This source of illumination is used where there is a need for testing the sample in yellowish red light offers the color temperature of 4100K and emits CRI of 86.

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