Optimizing Bottle Cap Performances with the Torque Tester

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Bottle caps & closures are the most vital part of each & every bottle as they are responsible for the packaging of a bottle. A bottle is separated from a mere vessel due to the inclusion of these closures which makes sure that the fluid packed inside does not leak, the fizz of the fluid remains intact in the case of aerated beverages as well as the scope of contamination due to the exposure to the environment is also eradicated.

The bottle caps & closures are designed for different purposes and are therefore tested under different mechanisms & instruments. For example, liquid soap dispensers are capped with the press to dispense closures, on the contrary, the bottles carrying aerated drinks, and containers carrying flammable liquids are topped with screw caps to enclose the interaction with the atmosphere and eradicate the scope of jeopardies & accidents.

These screw caps are extremely tricky to be installed perfectly on top of these bottles & containers due to the carved-out rings at the installation that allows the operator to lock the bottle and the cap firmly against each other. Such a tricky build leads to issues in the screw caps even after the complete process is performed hence it becomes vital for manufacturers to test the bottle caps & closures even after they are installed correctly as they can be too tight or too lose which can lead to hassles in reinstallation & leakage respectively.

torque tester

Testronix has designed a top-quality lab testing instrument called the torque tester to evaluate the angular force required to open a bottle cap to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction and safeguard the fluid from getting leaked at the same time.

The working mechanism of the torque tester is mechanically powered but still extremely facile to perform hence, a lot of manufacturers have stored their faith in the instrument.

Working Mechanism of the Torque Tester

The bottle cap torque tester is designed to serve highly accurate test results in determining the requirement of torque to open bottle closures.

bottle cap torque tester

To begin with the testing, the initial step is to remove the safety latch attached to the base plate to restrict its movement when the instrument is not performing a test. This allows the accuracy-driven results to be consistent and eradicates the scope of faulty test results due to previously unstable base plates.

bottle cap torque test machine

The operator can now place the specimen between the 4 knobs associated with the base plate. The operator must make sure that the specimen is not bigger than the size of the distance between the 4 knobs. The operator can easily clamp the specimen between the knobs with the help of the digital torque meter with the help of the rotary wheel clamper for single-handed operations.

digital bottle cap torque tester

After clamping the specimen firmly, the operator has to open the bottle closure without using any tool but hands. After exerting a certain amount of force on the bottle closure, the screw cap is removed and the base plate also moves as per the direction of the movement.

torque testing machine

Once the cap of the bottle is removed, there is a movement in the base plate as per the torque applied to perform the task which is then indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display that is imbibed so that the operator can evaluate the test results indicated on the same and can also keep a record of these results with absolute facile and no compromises at all.

The bottle cap torque tester is also offered with highly advanced features that streamline the testing process and elevate the standards of testing.

Key Attributes of the Torque Tester

The torque testing machine is offered with extremely high-end and advanced features to streamline the process of performing the test with absolute ease as well as enhance the testing speed.

The most pre-eminent feature of the instrument is the embodiment of the 4 knobs for clamping the specimen. Along with 4 knobs for firm clamping, the manufacturer of the instrument has also made sure that the clamping is facile, and thus they have installed a top-quality rotary wheel that can be operated without any effort and ensure firm clamping at the same time.

The lab testing equipment also safeguards the instrument from wrongful testing results by the inculcation of the safety key that limits the movement of the base plate from its original position and allows the operator to reach higher levels of accuracy with no hassle.

Another top-quality feature of the base plate has attracted a lot of consumers as well as manufacturers because of the zinc & chrome plating over it which enhances the longevity and anti-rusting properties of the same. The torque testing machine is made with stainless steel and mild steel material that enhances the durability of the instrument.

The digital torque tester is also equipped with a highly advanced control panel that is equipped with feather touch controls along with a top-quality microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the test results with utmost precision. The feather touch controls are offered with another top-end feature i.e. the memory hold button, which allows the operator to keep track of up to 9 previous test readings and also enables the operator to compare the previous readings from the current one.

The lab testing instrument is equipped with all these features that allow the operator to perform testing without any hassle and achieve high levels of accuracy consistently.

Book the Torque Tester Right Away

To manufacture perfect screw caps for bottles & containers in order to avoid jeopardies & hazards due to flammable fluid leakage and for achieving higher levels of accuracy in testing the quality of screw caps, you can book a torque tester made by the finest lab testing instrument manufacturers.

Get all the necessary information & knowledge about the lab testing instrument by visiting our website or by writing to us at info@testronixinstruments.com. You can also place an order directly and get the instrument served at your doorstep along with an installation service by calling us at +91 9313140140.

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