What are the key components of a torque tester and how it works?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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In the bottle manufacturing and packaging industry, measuring the torque value of bottles holds paramount significance. This measurement plays a critical role in determining the strength of bottles against an opening force that ensures product integrity. Thus, to ensure that accurate torque value will be reflected for bottles, it is important for the manufacturers of PET bottle industry manufacturers to test the quality of PET bottles accurately. A torque tester designed by the experts at Testronix has designed this high-quality testing instrument that will effectively test the torque value needed to open a closed bottle cap.

In this blog, we will discuss brief information about the torque tester digital model and its key components. We will also discuss the working of this quality testing equipment.

Introduction to torque testing

Torque testing is considered to be an important process followed in different industries including PET and the preform industry that involves measuring the rotational force or torque applied to a component. It helps to ensure that the products meet quality standards and will not get damaged due to low torque value.

The purpose of torque testing is to determine the amount of torque required to tighten bottle caps. Torque testing plays a significant role in the bottle testing industry.

By conducting torque tests on the bottles, manufacturers can easily assess the strength and durability of materials, and detect any defects including loose bottle caps etc.

Now, let us discuss brief information about torque testers and their major key components.

 All about the Torque tester and its different components

A torque tester is a specialized instrument used to measure and evaluate the amount of force needed to open a closed bottle cap. This equipment is equipped with a precision torque sensor that accurately measures the applied torque on the test specimen.

This bottle torque tester is operated manually, and torque values are displayed digitally for easy reading. For safety, the machine includes a lock pin that prevents the clamping device from rotating, thereby ensuring that no excessive torque is applied to the torque sensor. You can easily conduct torque tests on multi-way plastic bottles with the help of this quality testing instrument.

This testing instrument contains different components that are mentioned below:

  • Main Unit Contains:

  • Clamping Assembly

  • Load Indicating Unit

  • Nylon Footrest

  • Mains Switch


  • Clamping Unit Contains:

  • Adjustable Locating PEG

  • Movable Jaw (Right Side)

  • Movable Jaw (Left Side)

  • Safety Lock Pin

  • Jaw Adjusting Knob


  • Load Indicator Unit Contains:

  • Peak Load

  • Peak/Normal Mode

  • Read Peak

  • TARE



  • Range

These are some of the main components of this lab testing instrument. By using this high-quality lab testing instrument, you can easily test the opening and closing torque of regular screwed closures.

Now, let us discuss the working of the Testronix torque tester.

Working of Testronix torque tester

If you want to conduct the torque test using the Testronix torque tester, then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • You need to first start the machine by plugging it into a 3-pin- 5amp socket and turn the main switch ON.

  • Once you turn the machine ON you need to set the pressure to zero. Press the TARE button and press the RESET button. This will lead the indicator to show zero readings.

  • Once you follow these steps, place the specimen accurately in such a way that it is perfectly straight and touches all four pegs at a given time.

  • When the specimen will accurately be placed, then you need to tighten the jaw adjusting knob properly by revolving it in a clockwise direction.

  • When you follow the above-mentioned steps then you can easily commence the test.

In this way, you can accurately measure the torque value of the PET bottle caps. If you need more information like torque tester price, and features, or want to know about the different models of this testing equipment, then give us a call at +91 9313140140 or email us at info@testronixinstruments.com. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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