Making Your Brand Labels Colour Consistent

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Label designing is one of the most critical tasks of the whole marketing process. You label is going to be your identity in the market and persuade your target customer to pick you over other brands. It has to be communicative and match with the psyche of the buyer. Colour is one major factor that can make or break the whole marketing strategy. Psychologists often relate colours with the moods of the human. Understanding the consumer behaviour and relating the label designing with them is the most critical task. Once the label is designed, reproducing it on different surfaces in the next biggest challenge. In this post, we would discuss some tips for replicating your labels on different surfaces with minimum discrepancies.

Designing of Labels

Companies conduct surveys to understand the liking and disliking of the target customer. After researching and analysing the feedback, labels and packing are designed. Getting the desired prints on different surfaces like plastic films, corrugated packings, flexible packings, flex boards becomes quite challenging. Due to the difference in surface texture, replicating the exact colour requires a lot of experimentation. Using label colour measurement devices, this has been made possible. These devices take the snapshot of the coloured surface and quantify it into a numerical value. This numerical value can further be used for creating the colour recipe for printing. The devices can be prefeed with the tolerance value while comparing the master with the sample. Colour managers are proficient in analysing the quantified colours and preparing the colour recipes. From painting the packings to painting the cartons and other promotional materials, colour managers have a tedious job to do. Using Paper & Printing Color Measurement Instruments can help a lot in making a packing look similar every time it goes out from the production house.

Label Colour Measurement

For a layman, it is very difficult to judge the colour differences. But a Quality manager has zero tolerance for colour differences and thus use label colour measurement devices to delivery cent percent accuracy. Human perception always differs from real observations, and if they match, we are unable to describe colours in words. Having a device that quantifies colour would be the best thing to have in QC lab.

Testronix offers a wide range of colour measuring instruments that can be used in different industries. Textile, food, packaging, printing are some industries where these instruments act as the backbone. Instruments like gloss meter, colourimeter, spectrophotometer are widely used to clear colour confusions under different lighting conditions and on different surfaces. If you are looking for Paper & Printing Color Measurement Instruments with high-end technology, contact our experts.

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