Importance of spectral reflectance curves in Green Vegetation

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The colors of a surface can be easily characterized by the amount of electromagnetic energy that is reflected from the surface at a particular wavelength. This amount of energy that is reflected from the surface is measured in percentages and gives the spectral reflectance curve of that surface. This property of materials is permanent and can never be changed. The amount of light may be changed as it is dependent on the amount of the incoming illumination but the percentages are always the same. There are many surfaces that have different reflectance curves, and it is not possible to remember the reflectance curve of each surface, but there are so0em basic spectral reflectance curves that can be memorized for have a basic understanding of some basic spectral regions.


Spectral Reflectance curve of Oak Leaves


Spectral Reflectance of green vegetation

The spectral reflectance curve of green vegetation is a very good method of studying their attributes and characteristics. With the study of the reflectance curve of a green leafy vegetable can be used for determining the level of chlorophyll that is present in it. The reflectance of the green vegetation is very low in the visible region due to the presence of chlorophyll in them. As the concentration of chlorophyll increases the spectral reflectance of the vegetation decreases.


How to measure spectral reflectance?


The spectral reflectance of any surface is measured with the help of a testing instrument called spectrophotometer. The spectrophotometer is used for sending a cluster of electromagnetic radiation to a sample and then measures its spectral reflectance by measuring the amount of radiation reflected by the surface.

With the help of spectrophotometry. One can easily obtain the spectral reflectance curve of the green vegetation and ensure the best study of their quality.

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