How to use a Vacuum Leak Tester to make your bottles leak-free?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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When it comes to storing liquids for a long period of time, it is important to ensure that your bottles or jars are leaking-free. PET bottles are widely used in different industries to store and transport liquids, medicines, beverages, and many other products. Thus, testing these bottles against leaks is very important to make sure that the right products will be delivered to the customers with ease. Therefore, to make it easy for PET bottle manufacturers to test the leakage in their products, we at Testronix Testing Instruments have designed one of the amazing lab testing equipment known as a vacuum leak tester for bottles. This lab testing instrument has been designed to assure the quality of bottles and other elongated containers.

It is widely used in the bottle and packaging industry to determine whether the bottles should be free of any leaks. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about a vacuum leak tester and how this lab testing instrument will help you to test the leakage in the PET bottles with ease. But first, we will discuss a brief about vacuum leak test and the purpose of conducting it. So, let us get started!

What is a Vacuum Leak Test?

A vacuum leak test is a simple way to determine if there is a vacuum leak in your beverage container. A vacuum leak can cause your carbonated beverages to prematurely go flat or spoil. To conduct a vacuum leak test, you'll need a vacuum leak tester designed by the experts at Testronix.

The main purpose of conducting the vacuum leak test in PET products is to make sure that the bottles will be free from any leaks. You can simply test the proficiency, seal integrity, and leak resistance of all types of PET bottles. You can read about how vacuum leak testing instrument helps to improve product quality.

Role of Testronix vacuum leak tester in PET bottle industry

If you are working in the PET bottle industry, then you must be facing the challenges related to vacuum leaks present in your products. These leaks can affect the quality of bottles and can even deteriorate them. Thus, it is important for PET bottle manufacturers to make sure that no leaks are present in the PET bottle industry. We at Testronix have designed the vacuum leak testing equipment that will help you to ascertain the seal quality of PET bottles with ease.

This vacuum leak tester for PET bottles will accurately detect the vacuum leaks and is helpful in assuring that the bottles are tightly intact so that there will be no chance of any leakage present in them. During the testing of PET bottles for a vacuum leak test, the users need to place the specimen and detect any sort of leaks present in the products. The test is performed in order to ensure that the packaging offered to the clients is free from any leakage.

When the testing specimen will be placed under a vacuum then the specimen will shrink or deforms if there is any leakage present in the products. This lab testing instrument is easy to maintain as well. You can easily follow the top 5 tips to maintain the vacuum leak tester.

How to use Testronix vacuum leak tester to test leakage in your PET bottles?

If you want to test the vacuum leakage in the PET bottles, then the Testronix vacuum leak tester for PET bottles plays a crucial role. This easy-to-use testing instrument will accurately test any sort of vacuum leakage present in the products. This guide will teach you how to use a vacuum leak tester to test leaks in your bottles. This is an important step in preventing bottle-related accidents and ensuring your drinks are properly sealed.

Easy to follow steps to use Testronix vacuum leak tester for PET bottles:

  • To start the vacuum leak test on PET bottles, you need to turn the machine ON by plugging it into the main socket. Once the machine will be turned ON then you need to set the duration of the test with the digital timer.
  • The next step involves placing the specimen accurately on the testing machine. After setting the timer, you can easily remove the desiccator cover and place the bottle inside the test cavity in an inverted position.
  • You should make sure that the cover is properly placed on the gasket. This will help you to perform the test with ease. If the cover is not properly placed, there will be no buildup of vacuum inside the desiccator.
  • Once the specimen will be accurately prepared and placed on this lab testing instrument, then you can easily commence the test.

In this way, you can accurately use this lab testing instrument and make sure that your bottles will be free of any vacuum leakage. You can easily read about how you can operate a vacuum leak tester effortlessly.


The PET bottle manufacturers face the challenges of leaks bottles due to the buildup of air that causes leaks and damage product quality. Thus, to make sure that there will be no sign of vacuum leakage in the bottles, you must test the bottle quality beforehand. To make sure that the bottles should be free of any leaks, you can make use of Testronix vacuum leak tester for PET bottles.

This amazing lab testing instrument will make sure that all leaks present in your product can easily be tested. You can even take a FREE sample testing session for our lab testing instruments, by calling us at +91 9313140140 or emailing us at Our team of technical experts will assist you with all your needs and requirements.

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