How To Measure The Color Quality Of Concrete?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Testronix offers a broad range of color measurement instruments to select the appropriate testing machine that can help you to measure the color of cement and concrete and to fulfill different color quality control requirement. Most of the customers choose a 45°/0° geometry as a major quality control tool that views the actual color of the materials as the human eyes capture by determining the effect of texture and gloss. This geometry of measuring color quality is offered by Testronix for precise color measurement. Apart from this, rest of the customers prefer the diffuse d/8° Sphere geometry to measure the color to measure the tendency to differentiate the surface appearance of texture and gloss.

Why is it Necessary to Measure Colors of Concrete?

The color of the powders that are used in manufacturing units such as the color of concrete often measures to estimate how the manufacturing process is ongoing and to determine the actual color of the final product. The color of concrete plays a significant role to explain the quality and choose by the architects on the basis of the colors only. Color measurement of these products is often required to ensure the consistency before they are shipped to the end users.

Perfect Solution for High-Quality Production

Testronix Spectrophotometers are the highly versatile testing devices that help to accommodate most of the applications of color measurement. The range of spectrophotometers includes TP 810 spectrophotometer and TP 800 spectrophotometer are best enough to measure the color quality of the cement and concrete. For more information on the concrete color measurement instruments, visit:

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