Cement & Concrete Color Measurement

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Color Measurement Instrument for Cement and Concrete

In the era of architectural technology, the amazing shapes and designs considerably reflect the designer’s innovation and imagination. Cement and concrete can be mold in any shape, form, color and textures. These materials are comprised of a crystalline quartz, ceramic and vitreous decorative aggregates that control the appearance of these building materials to fulfill the functional and aesthetic requirements of the customers to build the appealing and strong structure.


Testronix offers a broad range of color measurement instrument for the cement and concretes to measure and to manage the colors of cement and concrete to fulfill the quality control requirements.

Generally customers choose the color measurement instruments having geometrical directions of 45°/0° as a best quality control tool as these tools have the ability to measure the colors of the objects in the way as a normal human eye does. These instruments help to capture the different shades of colors along with the texture and gloss of the product. These instruments are introduced by the Testronix to measure the color consistency of opaque objects to fulfill the demands of the customers.

Apart from that 30 percent of the people prefer the instruments with geometrical direction of diffuse d/8° Sphere to measure the color for its tendency to oppose various surface appearance attributes like texture, gloss and look at color only.