Improve Quality of Automobile Color to Increase Production

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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In our everyday lives, an infinite number of colors surround us. Colors are usually taken for granted but they play an important role in our daily lives. For example, the color of a person’s face displays a person’s health, colors also influence tastes in food etc. In spite of colors affect us so much and the significance continues to increase, our awareness of color is insufficient. It leads to various problems while taking decisions in product color or business transactions that include color.

Color measurement is required in several production industries to assure the quality of the products. The products having high-quality colors that possess a great impact on consumer behaviour. Manufacturers must be responsible enough to make use of best color measurement methods. Testronix has introduced TP310 Portable Color Measuring device, sophisticated color measurement device that is largely used to evaluate the colors of many products in various industries.

Various paint and coating manufacturers must know the importance of accuracy in color matching to handle the quality of products. For instance, it is not easy to detect actual shades of two samples of a single color because of the color coordination they possess. On the contrary, if the color of a door of a car does not match with the second door of the same car, the automobile becomes defective due to lack of color coordination. So, selection of inappropriate color becomes wastage of primary factors used in developing the vehicle or automobile.

To overcome this problem, it is crucial to remove the color variations during production along with presenting the product in the market. Portable measuring instruments helps to identify the saturation, hue or color value of the sample. It also gives information about various properties of color like matte effect, texture, gloss finish as well as the actual color shade. The devices are designed according to two modes of measurement. One is reflective mode and the other is transmittance mode that determines three-dimensional attributions of color.

Testronix is the authorised dealer of TP310 Portable Color Measuring device. The quality of colors is important for good quality products, and various methods should be introduced to test the colors. One of the best instrument to manage the appropriate color of products.

Specifications are:

  • Uses photoelectric silicone diode type light sensor
  • Light sources provided by the instrument are D65 and D50A
  • The equipment can save up to 100 standards and 20000 samples in its memory
  • Device dimension is 195x70x110mm
  • A USB data interface is given with the device

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