How to Control Colour Fading in Textiles?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Colour fading is a very common problem in the textile industry. Dyed fabrics undergo different rounds of testing to understand the extent of fading. However, different industries have different test processes to check the colour fading. However, all of such processes require a textile colour measurement instrument to measure the colour that swatch is losing. But there are certain factors that are to be taken care of while making the observations.

  1. Washing conditions – Whether the swatch is being washed in detergent or in mere water, it would tend to lose some colour. Apart from that, the chemical composition of water plays an important role in colour fading. Presence of strong chemicals like Nitrates, salts of Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Chlorine, etc. attack on the dyes of the fabric. Such conditions also need considerations.
  2. Dyeing Process – Due to the difference in dyeing process and dyeing colours, there is often scope for colour loss when exposed to washing conditions.
  3. Washing process – Accelerated and repeated washing may lead to early colour failures. With accelerated washing, we are referring to the process whether hot water bath is used for long durations.

It is impractical to say that colour fading can be prevented because as long as it is about natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics do have the tendency to hold the colours tightly for long periods. Some fabrics never lose colours because of the presence of synthetic fabric.

But prevention can be taken to avoid the colour loss, by releasing the washing and care instructions. To do that, first of all, a manufacturer has to identify the conditions under which the garment needs protection.

Controlling of Colour Fading

Appropriate precautions need to be taken to use the long-lasting colours in the textile industries. Using high-quality dyeing colours is the one thing that a manufacturer can do. However, in other cases, usage of textile colour measurement devices can be used. The colour of sample can be tested after performing different types of wash treatment. The different specimen can be prepared and coded so that the type of treatment can be identified. Every time a swatch is washed, its colour is quantified and compared with the master. This helps in identifying the colour loss.

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