How Does Magnamike 8600 Wall Thickness Gauge Work?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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In the bottle industry, the wall thickness of PET bottles plays a very important role in determining the quality of bottles. Thus, you should make sure that the bottles you use should be made with accurate thickness. Thus, you can take the help of the Magnamike 8600 thickness gauge designed by skilled engineers at Testronix Testing Instruments. This is one of the best service providers that will provide you with an effective range of testing instruments. You will find the wall thickness gauge Digital model of this testing equipment at Testronix.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you information regarding this amazing testing instrument. Read this blog, till the end to know more about this testing instrument available at Testronix. It contains the probe’s Hall Effect sensor that will effectively measure the distance between the probe tip and target ball. Thus, you can take accurate measurements of the wall thickness of certain materials with the help of a wall thickness gauge.

So, let us get started with the wall thickness gauge working.

Working of Magna-mike 8600

Magna-mike 8600 is considered to be the portable thickness gauge that will work on a simple magnetic method to make reliable measurements. This amazing testing instrument from Testronix Testing instruments will be used for non-ferrous materials. This testing instrument mainly works on the probe’s Hall Effect sensor that will be helpful in measuring the distance between the probe tip and the target ball.

This testing instrument makes use of the non-destructive method for measuring the wall thickness of a material. It contains a probe as well as a target wall and works on the principle of Hall Effect. This simple to ease testing instrument requires good attention while operating. You will find a mini USB output port, RS232 port, video output port, and a small SD card slot in this testing equipment. Thus, it will be easy for you to transfer the data accurately with Magnamike 8600.

This testing equipment comes with a target ball of three sizes and is useful to have better observations. This standard device comes with a power adaptor and a lot of frames for device calibration. The test sample should remain steady when the tests will be performed.

When you want to measure the thickness of the wall with Magnamike 8600, then you should place the target ball in the bottle and cap it to close. This test sample should be brought near the probe and place in contact with the tip of the probe. Due to the magnetic tip, a field will be formed and is moved along and perpendicular to the axis. Thus, you will get accurate readings of the sample with the use of this testing instrument.

Features of Magnamike 8600

There are many features you will get with the help of Magnamike 8600. We have listed them here:

  • This testing instrument consists of the probe’s Hall Effect sensor.
  • You can easily display the results in a digital display layout.
  • Repeatability of test measurements of the test sample
  • You will get an expandable Thickness range up to 25.4mm (1.00 in.)
  • Larger Color VGA display and fast measurement update rate 60Hz
  • Programmable Instrument lock with password & direct Interface to Excel spreadsheet
  • Easily generate on-board reports
  • Designed with IP67 rating and save a recall option for stored calibration file.
  • Improved gauge stand with low and high reading alarm.
  • Strip chart view and inbuilt calibration facility
  • Chart view-strip chart type view

These are some amazing features you will get with the use of the Magnamike 8600 wall thickness gauge.


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