How Colour Measurement of Plastic Tells About its Properties?

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With the increasing knowledge about side-effects of using plastic in routine life has reduced is usage considerably. But there are very few resources that educate people about using it in right manner and identifying harmless plastic. Food grade plastic and virgin plastic are some forms which are declared as fit to use if used in right manner. But, it is important to follow the safety guidelines. Virgin plastic is also called first hand plastic and rated as best quality. With subsequent rounds of recycling, plastic tends to lose its properties and become unfit for use. Upon heating, it may leach harmful chemicals in the surroundings.

So, how to adjudge a good plastic?

Off lately, there are some tool designed which helps in determining the good quality plastic. Of course, it is impossible to judge the composition with naked eyes. Those who are insiders from plastic industry knows that with every round of recycling, the colour starts to degrade. Bright glossy colours become unattractive dull shades. And this keeps on happening every time a plastic article is recycled. Instruments like portable spectrophotometers can do the job of segregating virgin plastic and recycled plastic very well.

Due to its superlative qualities, plastic is widely used for different applications. Almost every product has its plastic prototype. Which makes it essential for the manufacturers to identify the quality of plastic using different techniques. As plastic waste is very difficult to decompose, environmentalists and industries are stressing on its multiple recycles. But this does not mean that it should be used for similar applications, like using as primary packing for eatables. For other applications like gardening utensils, low cost toys and many other similar uses can be done.

Not to let the recycling process go waste, it becomes important to segregate the good plastic from bad plastic so that its usage can be pre-decided. However, the spectral analysis is still growing to deliver satisfactory results, but it is a good start that some portable spectrophotometers are making it possible. However, testing industry is still working very hard to make some instruments that can easily help in this cumbersome task. Many machines are still under construction that can reduce the cost of plastic recycling.

Testronix is dedicatedly working in this direction to give some concrete results to help different industries dealing with the plastic menace. With a wide range of colour measuring instruments, many quick resolutions have been proposed and many more are under construction.

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