How Can Paper and Packaging Color Be Quantified?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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There are various factors that convince a buyer to invest his money in your product and one of those reasons is packing of the product. It is very important that a buyer should connect with the product. A packing vaguely tells the customer about the quality of the contents packed inside. This is why packing is becoming one major attraction, be it any industry.

Packing also depicts the efforts of the manufacturers in branding their product. On the other hand, manufacturers are investing more and more money in keeping the packing consistent and attractive. Every time there is even a slightest of a change in it, they run a full-fledged campaign to convince the customers why the things are being changed and what overall impact it would or would not leave on the product.

Packings are strategically colored and play a crucial role in making or breaking a product’s market. This is why paper and packaging color measurement is becoming an important and crucial task in different industries. Different types of color measurement instruments are used for quantification.

Portable Spectrophotometer

It is a handheld device used for transmittance and reflectance measurement. It works on the principle of spectrophotometry. According to which, the incident light wave is separated on the basis wavelength absorbed or reflected by the colored surface. It comprises of an array of silicon diodes that captures the light reflected back. The diodes or detector converts the light signal into an electric signal for further processing by the microprocessor.

Complications in Color Measurement

Color measurement is not as easy as it seems. There are so many factors involved that impact the color observations. The texture of the surface is very difficult to measure. Uneven texture requires repeated measurement from different angles so that an average can be taken for the matching the master with the sample. Apart from that lights from the surroundings, matte and gloss finish of the surface, are some common hindrances in the color measurement. But all these things can be overcome by using right instruments.

Use of smart portable spectrophotometers and other paper and packaging color measurement instruments help a lot in fulfilling the color quantification requirements. Check out the Testronix’s wide range of color measurement instruments to choose the best tool for your industry.

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