How Can Liquid Colour Measurement Be Done?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Liquids can be transparent, opaque or translucent. Depending upon the quantity of the solid components in the liquid, its property to allows the light to pass is defined. When used commercially, the colours of liquids are predefined. It defines the quality of the product or quality of the production process. For instance, if honey is too light it can be considered as adulterated with sugar syrups. This is why every product has a certain colour range with some level of tolerance, beyond that sample is declared as failed.

But the biggest question is, how to define the colour range or how to quantify the colour of quality check. The answer is, use of liquid colour measurement instruments allows the colour manager to represent the colour in human-readable format. He can use these observations for preparing the colour recipes. Not only colour, transparency, opacity and glossiness are also some important factors to determine the quality of the liquids.

When it comes to food processing, colour plays an important role in stimulating the brain and making apperception about the taste of the food. Hence, every ingredient is chosen wisely so that every time a food is being processed, it stimulates the brain in a similar manner. And, if this is not happening natural colour additives can be used. But again, there is certain limit to add the colours which are very well tabbed by the colour managers.

The liquid ingredients are in the form of high solid and low solid. The high solid-liquid ingredients like sauces, honey, etc. can be tested with the help of highly transmitted colour measuring equipment which depends on the opaqueness or translucency of the specimens whereas the low solid liquids like vanilla extracts, liquid flavours are less transparent in nature and allows the light to pass through the object. Both types of liquid ingredients require the best quality of colour measurement instruments to test the colour vibrancy of the products.

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