How Can Ignorance Towards Beverage Haze Kill Your Brand Reputation?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Haze and taste are two major parameters that define the quality of a beverage. Be it processed juice, cold drink, wine, beer, scotch or anything. Every drink has a defined haze level. Any rise or fall in that hints about the discrepancy in the choice of ingredients or in the process.

If we look from consumer’s perspective, haze or clarity of a drink tells a lot. In recent years, the craze of consuming healthier food is rising at exponential speed. Health conscious consumers are more inclined towards premium products, that assures quality, taste and essential nutrients. FDA keeps a complete tab of the manufacturing companies dealing with artificial edible colours. The whole system is regulated but even then there are some companies that are unintentionally (or intentionally) going against the regulations. Those who are unintentionally doing this need to reconsider their manufacturing process and quality check process.

Using high-end devices like spectrophotometer, you would be able to measure colour at different stages of the manufacturing process while adhering to the regulated standards and internal standards.

Colour measurement of raw materials is very important for an end to end quality control. This colour measurement is then compared with the colour of the final product to analyse the change or development of the haze. Since beverages do not require too much of processing like other food items. There is an expectation from the manufactured of delivering a close approximation of the natural colour. If there is some apple cranberry juice is being prepared it should reflect the tint of apple and cranberry.

It would be more beneficial if the colour measurement is done at processing stage as well so that unnecessary colour deflection can be controlled at an early stage.

Devices like portable Spectrophotometer and colorimeter are used very popularly in the food industry to maintain the colour consistency of the food items. Take the example of champagne. It has a very fine texture and crystal clear appearance. Any unnecessary haze in the drink may raise eyebrows of the consumer. If this happens with a reputed brand, serious consequences it might have to face.

Testronix’s Portable Spectrophotometer allows you to compare the colour of master with the sample. You may call this comparative analysis; to analyse the change in the end products in comparison to the defined standards. It is a complete touchscreen model and quantifies the colour values.

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