Give Your Food Products Best Appearance with Accurate Color Measurement

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There is an old saying regarding food that, we first eat with our eyes, and this goes to a great extent. We perceive the taste and quality of the food with its appearance. When we look at the color and the depth of color in a food product, then only we decide to eat it or not. The food processing industries understand this relation between human mind and colors hence they emphasize greatly on achieving the optimum quality of colors for the food products they process. To achieve the best quality of product colors, they use best food color measurement instruments.

The food color measurement instruments are best for measuring and analyzing the color quality of foodstuffs that are manufactured in industry. The instruments such as portable spectrophotometers analyze the transmittance and absorbance of the products and then give the information about the properties and qualities of the ingredients.

Technical attributes of Testronix Portable Spectrophotometers TP 800

  • Provides ring-shaped illumination with vertical viewing angle.
  • An integrated sphere of diameter 58 mm is provided.
  • Combined LED source.
  • The reflectance range is 0 to 200%.

Key Features of Testronix Portable Spectrophotometers TP 800

  • Portable and designed for very simple and easy operation.
  • Highly advanced silicone photodiode array sensor is equipped with the instrument.
  • Fitted with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

With the help of the food color measuring instruments like TP 800, the users can easily enhance the colors and appearance of the food products that make them attractive to the consumers. In addition to that, achieving right color levels in food products also helps in enhancing the quality of the products.

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