Get Accurate Gloss Measurement of Car Interiors

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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With increasing competition in the automotive industry, it is getting difficult for car manufacturers to deliver an experience of high-quality and at the same time minimize the production cost. 

On the top of that, the interior designs are becoming an important part of customer’s purchasing decision. Therefore, improve their products, manufacturers use many different types of materials which are required to be synchronized with the design. The designing department handles colour and gloss of every single part in the interior to make it more appealing. After completion, it is very essential to check if the interiors are in harmony with each other or not. At this point, Gloss measurement plays a major role. This post will target the problem areas of a car interiors design and its gloss properties, and how one can resolve them with an effective testing solution like Gloss Meter.

It is not at all possible to evaluate the gloss properties of car interiors visually. Only testing devices with high precision will be capable of Gloss detection. The level of gloss ranges from mirror finish chrome auto-parts to matte finish “soft to touch” internal plastic material. Typical automotive gloss tolerances can be controlled using Gloss meter.

This testing device is an efficient gloss measuring instrument which evaluates the gloss reflection of the material surface. It is suitable for testing gloss factor in plastics, metals, paints, papers and ceramics. The Gloss Meter complies with multiple global testing standards such as ASTM D2457, ASTM D523, ISO2813, GB/T 9754.

The machine is operated using a hi-tech Touch screen display. It uses advanced software programs for delivering accurate test values. It offers multiple gloss detection features with 20 degree, 60 degree, and 85 degree measurement angles. The device can calibrate as per requirement automatically. The testing data is stored in the memory after each reading, save the test values. It features a quick comparison display by allowing you to see multiple test data at one time. The data can be easily extracted by using the USB portal equipped in the device. It has an auto-power off facility to save energy when kept unused. Its unusual data management system offers various scopes to the operator such as checking, deleting, exporting or printing the testing data.

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