Color absorption value used to analyse colors of substances

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Each color in the light have several wavelengths when light reaches an object, some wavelengths get absorbed and others get reflected back. The green color of the leaf appears green because all other colors have been absorbed. A spectrophotometer is based on the same theory. It measures how much light a substance absorbs. Every substance absorbs some light and reflects back some light.

Testronix spectrophotometer is a spectrophotometric technology used in light based instrumentation by research and development of light technology have found innovative ways to utilise these devices. This device use light absorption and reflectance values to analyse various colors and elements of substances at an accurate level.

Various applications of spectrophotometers are in industries that need accuracy in color such as carpeting, laundry, cardboard packaging, textiles etc. They are used to match the color with the original color specified. They are used to evaluate samples by passing light by means of sample and studying the intensity of the wavelengths. The machine can also be used to measure the quality of the product efficiently. It has high grade software for color management that is compatible with the PC for extensive functioning.

Spectrophotometers are color measurement instruments which captures and evaluates color. They are used by professionals such as designers, brand owners and manufacturers to observe color accuracy all over the production. It can be used to measure color consistency throughout the period from conceptualization to delivery of products such as fabrics, metal, paper, plastics etc.

The instrument works by placing the sample inside the spectrophotometer. A light source projects light towards the sample. A monochromator divided the light in various colors wavelengths. An adjustable slit lets only one particular wavelength of light to pass through the sample solution. Whatever light passes through the sample is displayed on the screen. Scientists use this instrument to see how a reaction has progressed. Non-scientists such as wine makers use it to determine how much malic acid a specific wine contains.

Spectrophotometer has an integrating sphere size of 58mm with combined LED sources. The sensor is a silicon photodiode array. Measuring aperture is 8mm diameter with a wavelength range of 400 to 700nm. The instrument has a capacitive touchscreen with two standard observer angles. It adheres to CIE, CNS, ASTM E313, AATCC, ASTM D1925 standards.

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