Features Of Spectrophotometers That Help The Users In Ensuring The Best Color Quality Analysis Of Products

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The portable spectrophotometers are the devices that are a hybrid version of color measuring device that is used for analysis of the color quality of the products by the analysis of the colorimetric data like XYZ and CIEL *a*b* values for different types of standard illuminants. In this way, the instruments are more capable of providing the analytical data that is capable of effective quality control of the products.

Design of spectrophotometers

The spectrophotometer have three different components that are Illuminant which is a LED light source, method for spectral dispersion and a detector. Along with that there is a cuvette provided with the instrument that is used for placement of the test specimen. In addition to that, there is a microprocessor given with the instrument that converts the optical signals obtained from the instrument into digital signals so that it could be easily analyzed.

The best thing about the spectrophotometers is that along with the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum, the instrument can also be used with the Ultraviolet and Infrared spectrum as well. This helps the users in testing various other attributes of the test specimen other than the color quality.


The spectrophotometers are available with two different types of illuminations that are unidirectional illumination and the Diffusion illumination system that increases the usability of the spectrophotometers. The unidirectional illumination provides illumination of the objects from a single angle of either 450 or 00. The diffusion illumination system is used for illumination of the objects uniformly from every angle.

With the help of portable spectrophotometers, it becomes very easy to analyze the various optical features of materials and products with great accuracy and high rate of repeatability.

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