Evaluate the Performance of the Detergents With Spectrophotometry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The customers today want their detergents and cleaning supplies to be more powerful and efficient. In addition to that, they also must be environment-friendly and economical. The efficiency and effectiveness of a detergent can be analyzed through various tests that are performed on the samples according to the industry standards.

Most of the manufacturers of detergents, maintenance products, and other cleaning agents mainly depend on the results of the performance tests that indicate the product quality. Although every performance test does not indicate the cleaning ability of the products and consumers also demand more trustworthy information. The performance testing is done based on the scientific methods so that valid results are guaranteed.

For manufacturers, detergent color measurement can be very effective in determining that whether the products are effective or not. When the performance of a detergent is tested, it is tested through staining swatches. The staining of swatches requires the utilization of highly advanced procedure of spectrophotometry. This procedure helps in quantifying the amount of soil that is applied to the swatches and its effects on the color quality of swatches before and after application of soil.

The portable spectrophotometer is an efficient detergent color measurement instrument and helps in accurate analysis of the performance test of the products. As human eye alone cannot evaluate the performance tests precisely, the manufacturers need to use these highly advanced color measuring instruments that are designed to give a precise analysis of the performance of the products.

Testronix is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality color measurement devices that are widely used in different industries for evaluation of quality and performance of products and materials.

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