Measure The Efficiency Of The Detergents With Staining Color Measurement

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Detergent is a type of product that is widely used in the textile industries. The textile industries use detergent for cleaning of the fabric samples, swatches, garments etc. The detergents play an important role in removing stains and grease from the fabrics and swatches so that they could look good. The manufacturers of the detergents need to ensure that they produce efficient quality of detergents that could enhance the look of the textile products on which they are used. The manufacturers must test the quality and efficiency of the detergent products with the help of proper testing procedures and instruments.

The color measuring instrument can be used for testing the efficiency of the products by testing the color intensity of the staining before and after the application of the detergent. With efficient staining color measurement, the manufacturers of detergents can easily estimate the efficiency and quality of detergents. The color measuring instruments are easy to operate and are designed for repeatable and stable color measuring results.

The users can also get more information on color measuring instruments offered by Testronix such as the color difference and color formula, the users can use our contact us from to contact our experts on color measurements.

The efficiency of color measuring instrument is also enhanced with the help of color measuring accessories. Testronix offers a wide range of color measuring accessories that allows the users to have extended functioning from the instruments. The accessories include color measuring software, 8 mm extended aperture, built-in white plate calibration, universal test component, and powder test box that help the users in getting the best color measuring results from the instruments.

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