Evaluate the Colors of Powder Chemicals

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Powders used in Pharmaceutical Industries

Powdered chemicals are used in all production verticals such as paint & coating, building materials, pharmaceuticals, cleaning materials, cosmetics are few of them. Whether you want to measure the white color of calcium carbonate, the green color of nickel chloride, magenta color of cobalt chloride hexahydrate, blue color of copper benzoate, and color measurement instruments offer best ways of color measurement for all chemical powder manufacturing industries. Many manufacturers in chemical industries rely on the color measurement devices to ensure the color quality and consistency of the materials that are used to manufacture different products.

How to determine the colors of Powders?

The color of the pharmaceutical powders such as sorbitol or calcium phosphate anhydrous, microcrystalline cellulose is thoroughly measured to ensure the color consistency of different lots. Spectrophotometers are the best testing instrument which works on the directional geometry of 45o/0o to measure the accurate colors that powders as the human eyes does. This is the best angle of measurement which is provided by the manufacturers of color measurement devices to measure the opaqueness of the powder components.

Powders used in Food Industries

Ingredients play a vital role to add taste, texture, and flavors to the food products and to add appealing colors to the food. For example, Powder ingredients such as spices, herbs, and colors are used in the food products to add colors and taste to the food products. The food processing units understand the importance of the powder ingredients and believe in measuring the color of the ingredients using best and highly standardized means to ensure the color quality of the final good produced.

Different types of ingredients require different testing strategies to measure the color of the products successfully. For example, grains, powders, sugar, cocoa all are different types of ingredients that have different chemical properties and structures and require different machines with different features to measure the transparency or opaqueness of the products.

Properties of Powders Measured by Color Measurement Instrument 

  • Transparency, opaqueness or translucency of the product
  • Color quality of the product
  • Vibrancy or color consistency of that product throughout the production

Testronix Instruments, one of the leading manufacturers of color measurement instruments, offers a wide range of powder color measurement devices to ensure the quality and properties of the materials. The instruments comprise of a photodiode silicon sensor that senses the color of the products accurately and helps to examine the color quality of the final manufactured product.

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