Assuring Color Consistency in Powdered Drinks

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Powdered drinks are the modern technology for those who are always on the go. Today’s world is busy and in this busy schedule we don’t have time for making fruit juices or even going to someone who can. We either opt packed juices or even smaller form powdered drinks, Juts carry a sachet in the wallet and you have all the fruit nutrient with you, where ever you go. Just open and mix the powder in a glass of water that is all you need. The prompt technique of consuming fruits is very much in demand and so the manufacturers must take care of the quality aspects.

To lead the completion in the market or even to sustain your own manufacturing reputation, one must conduct quality control processes. Although powdered drinks have numerous test measures but the one we will be discussing if far more important than any other aspect i.e. color measurement. To check if the color of the flavour is consistent in the powder and its liquid form.

In order to conduct such test process, manufacturer must opt for testing measures which can fulfil the modern world demands and expectations such as Testronix, portable spectrophotometer. The device is suitable for conducting complex color measurement and quality inspection. It is suitable for solid, powder, paste and liquid forms. In order to use the device for semisolid, powder or liquid substance, universal test component is used along with the main test device, it is a part of color measurement accessories.

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