Ensure Least Occurrence Of Metamerism In Products With Color Matching box

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The color matching box is one of the most commonly used instrument that is used for matching the color of the products with a specific reference standard. The instrument is used in the industries for ensuring that the products have the best level of color quality. With the help of the color matching box, the users can easily match the products and the reference standard in different lighting conditions so that the products do not exhibit metamerism.

Testronix offers a range highly competent color matching box that have been used in different industries and are widely used for the mating of colors of the products for which the color is very important for quality. Here are some of the features of Testronix color matching the cabinet.

  1. The instrument is equipped with five different light sources including D65, INCAA, TL84, UV, CWF.
  2. The instrument is provided with different switches for each of the light sources so that every light source could be switched on or off separately.
  3. The instrument is manufactured with the best quality material that is helpful in ensuring corrosion resistance as well as the sturdy and stable performance of the instrument.
  4. The specimen placement area in the instrument is inclined at an angle of 450 which helps in easy and clear observation of the specimen.
  5. In addition to that, the instrument is also provided with a timer which measures the total running time of the instrument.

With the help of the color matching box offered by Testronix, the users can easily ensure that their products do not show any traces of metamerism.

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