Ensure Accurate Molding of Polymer Granules with Melt Flow Index Tester

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The need for plastic products has increased rapidly due to their durability, ductility, and anti-corrosive properties which ensure their long-term running. These plastic products originate from polymer granules and are widely used in the minimalist of packaging to great automobile sectors.

The dependency on these products has been extremely evident, which results in the increased demand for polymer materials. These plastic products made from polymer granules undergo a long process before reaching the final consumer to ensure maximum satisfaction and highest quality.

The polymers are naturally obtained as granules or raisins. The polymer granules & raisins undergo a melting process to be converted into preform stages and later into the final product. The production process of these polymers takes place at a mass level, thus the scope of mistakes is relinquished as it will lead to huge losses.

This makes it mandatory for manufacturers of the polymer industry to evaluate the melt flow of granules before undergoing the melting process for converting them into preform stages.

melt flow index tester

The finest lab testing manufacturers – Testronix have come up with a solution to avoid losses for manufacturers from the polymer industry called the melt flow index tester. The instrument is designed with absolute precision and top-notch quality to assess the melting rate of polymer granules & raisins.

Without wasting any time, let us dive into the procedural workings of the melt flow index tester.

Operational Mechanism of the Melt Flow Index Tester

The melt flow index machine is made with an extremely ergonomic approach to help operators achieve high levels of accuracy with absolute precision and with an adept measure.

It is important to note that the major chunk of the working of the instrument takes place at the barrel region.

instrument takes place at the barrel region

The operator places the polymer granules or raisins inside the barrel.

A press tool provided along with the lab testing instrument is used to clear the air gap between the piston (a weight assembly) and the granule placed inside the barrel.

polymer granules or raisins inside the barrel

The barrel has top-quality heaters that elevate the temperature inside the barrel up to 400o C, forcing the polymers to break down from their original state.

barrel up to 400o C

The polymer granules are pushed toward the die of the instrument due to a constant weight pressure exertion from the piston.

weight pressure exertion from the piston

The die forces the polymer granules & raisins to come out of the barrel region in a particular shape that allows the rotating cutter situated just outside, to cut these melted polymer granules equally.

barrel region in a particular shape

The sliced polymer falls on the circular stainless steel plate.

The sliced polymer is weighed every 10 minutes to identify the melt flow index of the tested specimen as the formula to calculate the MFI is:

MFI = Grams/ 10 minutes

The instrument is provided with certain additional accessories that are used for the regular maintenance and cleaning process of the instrument, ensuring longevity and accurate testing results over & over again.

Maintenance Measures to Ensure Longevity of Melt Flow Index Tester

The melt flow index tester manufacturer provides a cleaning agent equipped chemical called xylene.

The instrument is equipped with an accessory called barrel cleaner which is dipped into xylene and then used for cleaning the barrel after the testing is completed to ensure that no leftover granule remains that hampers further testings.

The melt flow index tester is also equipped with dye cleaners to eradicate any reminiscence of the melted polymer granule. This must be done precisely to ensure accurate results.

The stainless steel circular plate can also be used to evaluate the cleanliness of the instrument by keeping it parallel to the dye and thus helps the manufacturer or the operator in cleaning processes.

The instrument must be serviced every once in a while by a team of experts to ensure the equipment working process of the instrument.

The melt flow index tester manufacturer has also incorporated certain quality features to ensure easy testing and hassle-free operations.

Features of the Melt Flow Index Tester

The features imbibed within the instrument enhance the overall working procedure and the accuracy levels of the instrument due to minimal human effort and thus minimal human error.

The instrument offers a top-quality rotating cutter that enables the operator to cut the specimen into accurate measurements allowing precise weighing and perfection-driven results.

The incorporation of cleaning accessories along with the instrument enables operators to resort to cleaning themselves rather than getting it cleaned by experts after every test. This reduces the working cost of the instrument to a great extent.

The equipment offers uniformity during the melt flow testing by the incorporation of barrel heaters inside a stainless steel barrel cabinet that ensures uniform heating around the specimen for precise testing measures. These heaters can reach up to a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius allowing compliance with international standards.

The instrument also possesses a strong and robust construction with mild steel & stainless steel, coated with 7-layered powder paint, allowing the instrument to eradicate the scope of corrosion & rusting.

This corrosion-resistant finish allows the manufacturer to use the equipment for a long duration of time.

The melt flow index tester in India has gained the trust of manufacturers from all across industries due to its ergonomic design along with high levels of accuracy assurance. The melt flow index tester price makes the instrument very accessible for manufacturers belonging to the polymer industry.

Get your hands on the Melt Flow Index Tester in India Today

If you also want to assess the melt flow index of polymer granules, you can get yourself the top-notch lab testing instrument from Testronix. To place an order right away, directly find the product on our website or you can also place a call at +91 9313140140 or write us your required specifications, customizations, or queries on our e-mail at info@testronixinsituments.com.

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