Different Factors That Impact the Color of Packaging

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Packaging color measurement is, nowadays, an important checkpoint in quality check labs. Devices like spectrophotometer, color matching cabinets are a common sight in QC and R&D labs. As colour plays a leading role in altering the buying decision of the buyer, a company takes the huge pain in making the right colour selection. It is very important for the buyer to choose colours that can establish a personal connection with the potential buyers. Once the packing colours are chosen, next step is to replicate those colours on different channels. Here comes the trickiest part;

What are different factors that impact the packaging color?

The texture of the surface – Due to the difference in the surface of the substrate, the colors tend to appear differently. For instance, a color might not appear same of flex background and on corrugated cardboard. Thus, Paper & Packaging color measurement instruments are used to reduce the color disparity to the maximum extent.

The glossiness of the surface – Shine of the surface interferes with the color of the print. This can pose a major problem or the color managers to make a print appear matte on the glossy background. Sometimes the color scheme of the logo demands to use a matte finish, which becomes a challenge for the color managers and printing job managers.

Color of the Background – It is natural that background color will mingle with the printing colors. This will lead to unevenness while replicating the prints on the packaging. Therefore, a lot of precautions and analysis is required to get the right results. Use of smart devices like spectrophotometer is used widely to prepare the color recipes.

Printing Techniques – With the advancement in printing techniques there come to the challenges. Going with the new techniques requires good budget and still, there is no guarantee of cent percent accuracy. Also, every time the batch of inks is changed there comes the disparity. Considering all these factors, brand managers and color managers prefer to use high-end devices that could help in matching the master with the sample.

Use of smart portable spectrophotometers and other packaging color measurement instruments help a lot in fulfilling the color quantification requirements. Check out the Testronix’s wide range of color measurement instruments to choose the best tool for your industry.

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