Paper and Printing Color Measurement Tools for Metal Substrates

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Metal printing is the new trend of today’s market. Printing design and information or brand name on paper and plastic is now getting old and customers or the market is demanding something new.  As they believe that market trends are changing faster and so is the customer interest. Consumers want a new style overtime, they get bored with old look.

To enhance the printing quality, market started using the embedded printing on product packaging. They turned over metal printing and this became the new trend. However, in paper printing the color used can be easily detected and there were very less chances of color issues. But as per today’s trend the color printing is done on metal surface and it requires a complex analysis of color using a modern technology.

The spectrophotometers uses a 45/0 degree viewing optical geometry to conduct color measurement on metal substrate. This optical measurement is chosen due to its similarity towards human eye perspectives. It can see the color exactly how human visualize it. The equipment is controlled using a software program which can be operated using the touch screen operation. The wide display scree allow the user to manage and control the test data and save it in the memory. One can even make graphs over the display for comparing different test analytics.

The transparency can be easily measured by the device and then can be improved and controlled for its level of transparency. The coating if transparent enough can maintain the original wood color and exhibit a beautiful shine over it.

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