How Appearance of Paper Impacts the Printing?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Printing is becoming a complex task as customers are coming up with an innovative idea. With the rising demand for transparent substrates, it is becoming difficult for the printer to get the accurate printed colours. However, colour managers are trying their hard to get the best prints, but it requires a lot of efforts and time to get right results. Usage of smart printing colour measurement techniques can help a lot in getting perfect results in lesser time.

The colour of substrate is a matter of concern when new printing techniques are being adopted. Background shades interfere with the colour and produces unwanted results which may result in rejection of the prints and wastage of colours and other materials. Hit and trial method adds up to the overall printing cost. Apart from that, the time and efforts that are being wasted are priceless. In this post, we will put some spotlight on Testronix’s portable spectrophotometers that are used for colour quantification.

Portable Spectrophotometer – TP 800

It works on the principle of spectrophotometry, which is a quantitative measurement of reflectance or transmission properties of materials as a function of wavelength. The device comprises of an incident light, a group of sensors and processor. The incident light is made to fall on the sample that is to be measured. The device separates the luminance reflected as per the wavelength interval. This luminance is adopted by the sensors and processor converts the electrical energy into human-readable form and displays it on the screen.


Portable Spectrophotometer – TP 810

This is an advanced version of the above mentioned device. The working principle is same. TP 810 comes with additional features like, it provides d/8 diffused illumination observation system with 8-degree viewing angle which is as similar to human view. It comes with 15000 sample storage memory that can be recalled very easily. The user can observe the specimen from the orientation of 2 Degree and 10 Degree. The device is very fast and requires mere 1.2 seconds to capture and process the signal and displaying the value on the screen. Its ergonomic design allows the user to use it for on-site inspections. The usage is not restricted to laboratories.

Testronix is the leading manufacturer and supplier of printing colour measurement devices. Apart from Portable spectrophotometers, range of other devices like colorimeter and gloss meter can be explored by just contacting our experts.

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