Determining the Color Quality of Oil Based Paint

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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When artist seek new and innovative shades, they turn to manufacturer or brands they trust for producing new machine produced colors. However, many consider hand-made colors. In case of artist, the oil paints manufactured using machineries are trusted more due to their superiority over the hand-made items. In machine production the ingredients are thoroughly crushed and mixed uniformly to produce an efficient looking oil based paint. To be the brand people trust, manufacturers must apply quality control over their production using Spectrophotometer technology.

The production process of oil paint has always been a challenging task. The development of colors of the oil paint and its retaining is a difficult too. There are several factors which can impact the color, such as the particle size, the oil solution, the additives, and the process of mixing. The use of spectral techniques can be useful in ensuring the color consistency in oil based paints. The equipments is designed as per many international test standards such as ASTM, DIN, ISO and CIE.

The illumination is uses is the 45/0 degree optical geometry. For testing the oil based paint you must also request for universal test component, which is used for measuring color of paste form material. The test results are shown on a wide display screen. The display is touchscreen in nature and also used for operation.

One can easily set the test parameters using the display screen. The device also offers automated calibration feature using which the user can tune the device before performing a test. White and black calibration is provided.

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