Determine Material Reaction to Weather Conditions with the Humidity Chamber

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The materials that are used in the manufacturing process of the final products are automobile vehicles, machinery, etc. These materials are exposed to the environment which makes them prone to rusting, corrosion & much other vulnerability because of the same.

To assess the durability & rustproofing levels of these materials in order to ensure the longevity & durability of the final products. The longevity & durability are responsible for achieving maximum consumer satisfaction and thus huge profits.

Manufacturers from all across industries therefore undertake certain tests to measure the reactions of materials against extremely humid weathering conditions to achieve perfect manufacturing standards.

humidity chamber

The leading lab testing product manufacturer in the country has designed a top-notch environmental chamber, called the humidity chamber. The instrument is designed to simulate such weathering conditions with absolute precision and evaluate the change in properties of the material getting tested under such situations. For example, the metal materials used in automobiles and machinery are tested for their rust-proofing before being utilized in the manufacturing procedures as they are constantly exposed to the environment no matter what the conditions are.

Another reason that makes a humidity chamber a widely used lab testing instrument is the variations in weathering conditions all across the globe. These weathering conditions can be extremely cold, extremely hot, or extremely humid which is simulated by the humidity chamber with absolute facile.

Working Mechanism of the Humidity Chamber

The instrument has gathered the attention of numerous manufacturers all across the globe due to its high-end features as well as easy testing with maximum accuracy promise.

humidity chamber principle

To commence the testing of the sample, it is highly necessary to place the specimen inside the humidity testing chamber. The operator must make sure that the door of the instrument is tightly locked to ensure maximum insulation inside the humidity testing chamber.

humidity testing chamber

After placing the specimen and locking the door with a specially integrated locking mechanism for insulation, the operator can adjust the test settings like time, temperature & humidity levels with the help of the PID-based controller associated with the humidity chamber. The control panel consists of a microprocessor-based digital display for the indication of temperature & the preset timer.


The instrument has a reservoir tank that carries demineralized which is sprayed inside the testing chamber along with the elevated temperature air from the air saturator passed inside the inner chamber with the help of an inner inlet port.

humidity testing machine

The humidity testing machine is also equipped with SSR-based heaters imbibed in the walls of the inner chamber in a U-type formation to ensure uniformity of the test. To maximize this uniformity and humidity levels inside the humidity testing chamber, the manufacturer of the instrument has inculcated an aerodynamically designed German-made fan. The fan spreads the humid temperature inside the testing chamber uniformly all around the specimen for accurate testing measures.

humidity testing

Once the preset timer achieves the adjusted time by the operator, the door of the instrument can be opened, and the properties of the specimen being tested can be easily evaluated. The instrument turns off the power supply on achieving the time adjusted on the preset timer to eradicate the scope of over-testing and thus rusting.

This is how the humidity chamber conducts the humidity conditioning test over variable materials over & over again and allows the operator to attain accuracy-driven & precise testing results.

The testing is facile, easy & performed in an expedited manner due to the high-end features imbibed by the manufacturers of the humidity conditioning chamber.

Highly Advanced Features of the Humidity Conditioning Chamber

The humidity conditioning chamber is offered with highly advanced features that contribute towards the promotion of single-handed operations and also allow the operator to reach maximum levels of accuracy over & over again.

The most advanced feature out of all is the inclusion of the top-notch German-made fan that ensures uniformity of testing inside the testing chamber. The fan is precisely designed with all the aerodynamic compliances to maximize the accuracy levels.

Another high-end feature is the usage of a lock mechanism with a layered door to ensure 100 % insulation inside the testing chamber that eradicates the scope of inaccuracy by eliminating the amalgamation of inner & external atmospheres together.

The instrument I made with stainless steel material that allows the operator & manufacturers from all across the globe to use the instrument for longer durations of time.

The usage of SSR-based inside the walls of the humidity testing machine in a U-type formation is also a crucial aspect of uniform testing. These heaters not only perform the humidity test accurately but also promote expedited testing measures by elevating the temperatures inside the chamber quickly.

The humidity testing chamber is equipped with a top-quality reservoir tank and air saturator that is offered with an inlet port for an easy supply of elevated air & demineralized water.

The instrument is also equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display and a mixture of rotary & feather touch controls associated with the control panel.

The instrument is also constructed with high-end stainless steel to ensure longevity & durability of the instrument from the extremely humid environments inside the humidity conditioning chamber. the instrument remains safeguarded from rusting & corrosion due to the use of this lab-grade stainless steel.

All these top-end features allow the operator to reach maximum accuracy levels over & over again and also promote single-handed testing methodologies.

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The humidity conditioning chamber is a lab testing instrument designed by the finest manufacturing company, Testronix. With the backing of Testronix, the instrument has gained the trust of manufacturers due to constant accuracy deliverance in imitating extremely humid weather conditions and assessing the reactions of materials against such climate conditions.

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