Determine Color Consistency of Wall Paint

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Wall paint are decided on basis of print media or any sample card. But no one can tell if the coated paint on the wall will look the same in day light and other source of lighting conditions. To compare the lighting source and the specimen it must be seen under standard conditions. Colour Matching Cabinet is a unique test cabinet used for resolving the issue of metamerism. The Asian model is capable of resolving this issue smartly.

The test cabinet is designed specially following various international test standards. Has a defined 45 degree sample placement angle on which specimen is kept under specified lighting conditions. It is made as per Asian lighting conditions. The cabinet is equipped with different light sources. D65 or Artificial Daylight is used when the specimen is required to see under daylight conditions.

Tungsten Filament Light or TFL lighting conditions are useful when comparison is required in yellow light conditions. Cool White Fluorescent is used to emit cool white light on the specimen. UV black light emits long wavelength of black light for testing the whiteness of the specimen. TL-84 or Triphosphor Fluorescent Light is also equipped.

To initiate the test, paint a piece of flat area with the specimen coating and place it on the 45 degree platform. Switch on distinct lighting conditions to see if it appears the way it is required to be. The master copy can also be compared by other coatings in the production line.

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