Deliver products with the same consistency with color-matching cabinet spectrum Asia

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In the realm of manufacturing, the quest for diverse and fitting colours has become a central focus for producers. The significance of colour extends beyond just the manufacturing sector, making its mark across various industries. Consequently, ensuring the consistency of colours has become a crucial aspect of quality control.

color-matching cabinet

This has led Testronix Testing Instruments to unveil an exceptional testing solution: the color-matching cabinet. This high-quality lab testing instrument is designed to effortlessly assess and match product colours.

The cabinet is equipped with different sets of light sources, enhancing its effectiveness in colour matching. In this blog post, we aim to delve into the details of the Testronix color-matching cabinet and its pivotal role in various industries.

Test the colours of products accurately with colour matching cabinet spectrum Asia

colour matching cabinet spectrum Asia

In the realm of branding, colours wield immense influence, serving as the initial impression that defines a product or service for customers. Recognizing the pivotal role of colours and the need for precision in delivering products, Testronix has developed a highly efficient testing instrument: the colour-matching cabinet. This instrument facilitates the accurate assessment of colour variations in diverse products.

The primary advantage of utilizing this testing instrument lies in its ability to showcase colours under different light sources, mitigating the risk of Metamerism issues in products. Featuring reproducible and controlled lighting conditions, along with a spacious viewing area, manufacturers can easily examine colour variations.

The colour matching cabinet accommodates a range of light sources, from daylight to cool white light and tungsten filament, enabling manufacturers to match colours seamlessly across various settings. Now, let's delve into the significance of colour matching across different industries. You can easily read more on the importance of colour-matching cabinets in product design.

Importance of maintaining the colour consistency of products effectively

maintaining colour consistency

Colour matching holds varying degrees of importance across different industries, each with its unique set of requirements. In the printing industry, the significance of colour matching is paramount to ensure that printed materials achieve their optimal visual appeal. As industries recognize the heightened importance of colour matching, leveraging a colour-matching cabinet from Testronix, crafted by manufacturing experts, becomes instrumental in reaping numerous benefits.

Understanding the specific role of colour matching in diverse industries is crucial, as even a minor mismatch can determine the success or failure of a product. Below, we highlight the importance of colour matching in various sectors:

Packaging Design: Colors used in packaging exert a profound influence on consumer purchasing decisions. For instance, studies reveal that individuals are more inclined to buy food items packaged in colours deemed appetizing. Hence, businesses must choose colours that resonate with their target audience, and a high-quality lab testing instrument like Testronix's colour-matching cabinet can aid in precisely matching the whiteness of packaging materials.

Textile Industry: In the textile industry, even a slight discrepancy in colours can result in subpar product quality. Achieving colour accuracy is paramount, and employing a colour-matching cabinet for testing materials proves indispensable in eliminating complexities and ensuring uniformity.

Plastic Industry: Color testing in the plastic industry is essential to guarantee the delivery of accurate products to customers. The Testronix colour matching cabinet facilitates the examination of colour variance in diverse plastic products, ensuring the absence of errors in colour consistency.

In essence, the role of colour matching extends far beyond aesthetics, influencing consumer perceptions and product quality across a spectrum of industries. Leveraging advanced testing instruments becomes imperative in meeting these stringent colour standards.

Easily operate colour matching cabinet to perform accurate testing results

testing results

The colour matching cabinet is a familiar tool for individuals in the textile and plastic industries, offering a systematic approach to visually assess colour. Widely utilized in textile and related sectors, this lab testing equipment plays a crucial role in determining the colour fastness of materials, extending its application to plastic, paint, paper, and similar industries.

Efficient operation of this lab testing equipment involves following a set of steps:

  • Place the sample accurately: It is important to place the material at the bottom of the viewing booth and maintain a specific distance from the illuminator to achieve the desired luminance.
  • View the glossiness of the surface: When you test the colour consistency of glossy materials, then it is important for you to prevent the direct reflection of a light source on the surface. This will be achieved by illuminating along the normal to the surface and viewing the angle to the normal.
  • Light assessment: Evaluation should be conducted under filament lighting to confirm that both samples match. This light source is critical for detecting Metamerism, where samples appear the same under one light source but differ under another.
  • Ultraviolet (U.V.) Light Test: Activate the UV light switch to perform tests under ultraviolet light. This step is essential, especially with the prevalence of fluorescent dyes and brighteners. It helps determine if both samples react consistently to ultraviolet radiation, revealing the presence of fluorescent dyes and bleaches.
  • TL-84 Triphosphor Fluorescent Lamp Test: Conduct a final test under the TL-84 Triphosphor Fluorescent lamp to ensure colour acceptability at the 'Point of Sale.
  • If both samples match effectively under all light conditions, it indicates that the dyeing, printing, and colouring of the sample meet the required standards. This testing equipment proves invaluable in conducting comprehensive colour assessments for different materials.

You can read more on the top 5 tips to use colour-matching cabinets more effectively.

tips to use colour-matching cabinets

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