Conduct Milk Color Analysis with 45/0 Illumination

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The milk color is a main indictor of its quality and health. It can vary in color depending upon the animal husbandry habits, the milk processing methods applied, and exposure the final milk product has with the environmental conditions. The milk products like milk powder which are made up of dehydration are especially prone to color changes. This is because they are exposed to higher heat volume during the processing steps. This can even lead t browning of the milk. This is called as the Maillard reaction. This not only changes the appearance of the milk powder but also endangers the taste and its overall safety. Other than these, factors such as long storage periods, increasing temperature, exposure to moisture and humidity and the packaging constituents are also responsible for color changes and product damages. Therefore, conducting milk color analysis is very important at each processing stage.

Earlier color inspection was performed with naked eyes. But it has been found that this process leads to inaccuracy, inconsistency in the testing application, therefore introduction of 45/0 illumination method with Portable spectrophotometer happened. Nowadays many people are choosing spectral assessment for milk color measurement and quality assessment. Using this simple yet effective method, manufacturers can now rapidly detect the color changes and can implement required changes in the processing methods to improve quality.  The 45/0 illumination geometry is considered to be ideal for color detection in both powder form and in liquid form. For both test specimen, along with the spectrophotometer, one must also use the universal test components in which powder or liquid form specimen can be kept and tested for color changes.

If the device will be used throughout the production line of milk product processing, it will easier improve the product quality and its consistency and it also makes the test monitoring faster. The equipments allow the user to operate and monitor test results via using the touchscreen feature. Holds an extended test memory with saving up to 15000 test sample data at one go. Allow automated white and black calibration too.

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