Conduct Color Control for the Perfect Shades of Lip-gloss

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Over the past few years, there’s been a rapid increase in the demand for liquid lipsticks or li-gloss. Earlier it began as an experimental launch by only a few brands and now it has become a platform for competition. Customer’s love for the lip-gloss has increased with time. It is the best choice for today’s’ women. In order to take advantage of these benefits, objective color measurement is necessary to ensure that your product is as richly-pigmented as possible. In this blog section, we will read about cosmetic color measurement tools used in controlling the quality production. The testing device which can be helpful for such application is the colorimeter.

Quality Control for Liquid Lipsticks

The major and most common issues that arise in cosmetic production, is its tendency to change color with time. A liquid lipstick alter its appearance and shade post its application on the lips. Because it is applied in a wet form, it often changes color post drying. This happens due to the exposure to oxygen which alters the color, and usually making it darker.

An ideal liquid lip shade needs must be appealing, show a consistent color in the bottle, offer an opaque application, and delivers a beautifully oxidized finish. To calculate the color consistency products such as TP60 colorimeter can be utilized.

To test whether your liquid lipstick shade is consistent or not, use the device to compare each batch manufactured to make that perfect shade. Using this device one can instantly evaluate the slightest difference and it will be known if the lipstick meets the subjected color requirements while it’s still wet. This can also help in detecting the changes occurs post oxidation and drying of the lipstick. The color inside of the bottle doesn’t always match how the lipstick appears once it’s applied to the skin. Therefore the color outside must also be tested and compared.

TP60 is a highly effective and economic color measuring instrument that provides a very high level of precision and accuracy along with power functions that are greatly appreciated by the customers.

Few important features to be noted are:

  • There are two switchable measuring apertures provided with the product with 4mm and 8 mm diameters.
  • The product offers a very high level of accuracy and stability. ΔE ab<0.03.
  • The product has more color spaces, color indices, and is extensively applicable.
  • The product has both illuminating as well as cross locating.

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