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Testronix Colorimeter

TP60CP is a highly effective and economic color measuring instrument that provides very high level of precision and accuracy along with power functions that are greatly appreciated by the customers.

The industries of application

The instrument is widely used in various industries such as plastic, textile, dyeing and printing, ink, paper, paint and many other where color measurement is an essential aspect for maintaining better quality. It is used for precise measurement of different color indices present in different color spaces. The instrument is very easy to use with powerful functioning of the instruments. The instrument comes with high-end computer software for color management which enables the instrument to easily connect to eth computer so that more extended functions could be achieved.

  • The product has a viewing or illuminating geometry of 80/d.
  • The light source used for the device is LED.
  • The sensor used in the instrument is an array of silicone photodiode.
  • There are two measuring apertures offered with instruments that are flat aperture with 8mm dia. and a tip aperture with 4mm dia.
  • The color space that can be measured with the instrument is include CI E L AB, XYZ, LCh, CI E RGB, CI E LUV
  • The color difference formula used by eth instrument is ΔE* ab, ΔE( h) , ΔE* uv, ΔE* 94, ΔE*cmc ( 2: 1) , ΔE*cmc ( 1: 1) , ΔE* 00.
  • The other data for chromaticity used by the instrument include WI ( E313, CI E, AATCC, Hunter), Staining Fastness, YI ( D1925, 313), Color Fastness, , J PC79, BFD( 1. 5: 1), FMCI I
  • The instrument is provided with a CI E 100
  • The illuminant used in the instrument include D65, A, C, D50, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F 12
  • The time taken by the instrument for each measurement is 0.4 seconds.
  • The data that can be displayed on the screen includes a color difference value graph. The result in the form of Pass/fail criteria can be viewed.
  • The instrument offers a high rate of repeatability with ΔE* ab 0. 03 with an average of 30 56.
  • There are two switchable measuring apertures provided with the product with 4mm and 8 mm diameters.
  • The product offers very high level of accuracy and stability. ΔE ab<0.03.
  • The product has more color spaces, color indices, and is extensively applicable.
  • The product has both illuminating as well as cross locating.
  • Works on a rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery with high capacity.
  • There are physical calibration boards for white calibration is given with the product along with built-in white calibration plate which provides easy operation.
  • The integration sphere has new design which provides highly stable measurements.
  • The data obtained from the instrument can easily pass the standards of national metrology authentication.

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