Conduct Accurate Peel Tests with Peel Adhesion Force Test Equipment

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Are you tired of dealing with product defects due to poor adhesion strength? If yes, then it is important for you to conduct accurate peel strength tests on the materials and deliver accurate products to the customers. Peel tests are an important tool in product quality control. They help ensure that products are safe and effective by measuring the force required to peel them apart. With Testronix peel strength tester, manufacturers can easily conduct accurate peel strength tests on the materials and ensure that they will not get peeled off easily during rough handling.

In this blog, we will discuss a brief about peel strength tester and why this quality testing instrument is useful for conducting peel strength tests on materials. So, let us get started!

Introduction to Peel Tests and their importance in Product Quality Control

Peel tests, a fundamental component of product quality control, serve as an important factor in determining and assessing the adhesive strength of the two bonded materials. In industries like packaging, testing the adhesive strength of packaging materials is crucial to determine the product's durability. By subjecting bonded samples to controlled forces that simulate real-life conditions like stresses or tension loads, these tests enable engineers and quality control professionals to evaluate the integrity and performance of adhesives.

Through precise measurements obtained from a peel testing machine designed by our experts, manufacturers can easily evaluate the strength of adhesives.

The most common type of peel test is the static 180-degree peel test, also known as the T-peel test. This test is typically used to measure the bond strength of adhesives, coatings, and laminates. It is quick and easy to set up and does not require special equipment.

Another common type of peel test is the dynamic 90-degree peel test, also known as the D-peel test. This test is typically used to measure the bond strength of flexible materials such as plastics and films. It is more challenging to set up than a static peel test but can provide more accurate results.

Now, let us discuss a brief about the Testronix peel strength tester.

All about peel strength tester

The Peel Seal Adhesion Strength Tester is an innovative instrument which helps in measuring the adhesion Strength or peel ability of self-adhesive pressure-sensitive materials. Peel adhesion is defined as the force required to test the strength of the adhesives.
The instrument consists of two jaws that are used for holding the sample. The specimen is placed between two movable clamps. This applies a force on the sample and peels it off from the surface. The force that is required to peel off the sample from the surface is recorded by the highly accurate load cell given with the equipment. The force applied is displayed on the digital display provided by the machine.

The Peel Strength Tester is one of the most popular testing instruments that is used in the packaging and adhesive industries to test the strength of the adhesives. The following tests can be conducted on one single instrument:

1.    Adhesive strength test
2.    Peel strength tester
3.    Seal strength test 
4.    Bond strength test

This testing instrument complies with various tester standards such as Standards – ASTM D429 – 14, and ASTM D903. Peel strength testing will be made easy with a Testronix peel strength tester.

Benefits of Using Peel Adhesion Force Test Equipment

Peel adhesion force test equipment offers a multitude of benefits for various industries including packaging. One of the main benefits one can get with this testing instrument is that it allows you to accurately measure the adhesion strength between two materials. This is vital in applications where strong adhesive bonds are crucial, such as in automotive manufacturing or medical device assembly.

Additionally, this equipment helps you ensure product quality and consistency. By testing the peel adhesion force regularly during production, you can identify any variations or defects early on and take necessary corrective actions. This not only saves time but also minimizes waste and reduces costs associated with faulty products.

Another advantage of using peel adhesion force test equipment is its ability to provide quantitative data. Instead of relying on subjective evaluations, this equipment gives you precise measurements that can be compared across different batches or suppliers. It empowers you to make informed decisions based on objective results.

With the use of our high-quality peel testing equipment, manufacturers can easily analyze the adhesive strength of different materials.  If you want to know about the peel tester price or need more information about its features and technical specifications then you can give us a call at +91 9313140140 or email us at Our team of technical experts will assist you regarding all your needs and queries.

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